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Grade 8 level


Students review vocab of being sick/helping out, and design a short skit to be performed in front of the class.


Main Aims

  • review vocab and practice in context

Subsidiary Aims

  • have fun acting


intro (4-4 minutes) • Set context

Play the video

review vocab (6-8 minutes) • go through already learned vocab to help recall

Flip through the slides rather quickly, checking that they remember.

demo activity (4-6 minutes) • show students what they will be doing

Get a few strong students to help you. Give them the example script. Tell them to read out the parts. You can play one of the parts, e.g. the injured person.

planning for plays (10-12 minutes) • students craft a plan, supervised by the teacher

Put students into groups of four or five. Tell them to write a play about someone getting hurt and/or getting helped. Roam around and make sure they understand. Help correct language errors, ideally not by telling them but by pointing out that something does not sound right and helping them figure out what it is.

rehearse plays (4-6 minutes) • quick practice

Give students five minutes to pick parts, rehearse, practice saying their lines, etc.

perform plays (8-10 minutes) • students act out what they've written

One by one in front of the class student groups should perform their play. Boviously it's okay if they just read from the script/pass it around, whatever they need. They should act, i.e. if they are the doctor, mime checking a heartbeat with a stethoscope, so they show they understand the meaning

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