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Elementary A2 level


In this lesson, students learn about time words end expressions in the context of daily rouine life. First, they will do a matching activity to elicit the vocabulary, Then, a gap-filling activity to practice the vocabulary they learnt. Next, they will answer the questions using time words and expressions with their partners. In the final stage, they will do a freer speaking acivity by interviewing their partner, with the questionnaire.


Abc the questionnaire HO
Abc Speaking activity HO
Abc Gap-fill handout 1&2
Abc Power point the definitions of words
Abc time words and expressions slips

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of time words and expressions in the context of daily life

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a interview in the context of daily life


Lead in & focus on TL (5 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson interesting for the SS

-Write 'I have English classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday.' on the WB. -Ask one student read it aloud and get students to guess what they think the lesson is going to be about. -Call on several students to give you their ideas.

Match the words with their definitions (5 minutes) • to test the students if they are familiar with time words and expressions

-Project the definitions of the words on the WB and tell them they are going to try to meach the words with their definitions. -Tell students to stand up and come to the word. -When they finish, ask the students if they agree or disagree. Take WC FB

MFP vocabulary (9 minutes) • to clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation

-Point out the words on the WB. -Ask them CCQ a minute- Is it a short time? Yes, Does an exam take a minute? No, What can you do in a minute? answers vary. an hour- Does an exam take an hour? Yes, Can you cook in an hour? Yes, What can you do in an hour? a day- Is it a long period to do someting? Yes, Can you order what you can do in a day? a week- Can you go on a holiday for a week? Yes a month- Is it a long period of time? Yes, Can you finish a course in a month? Yes a year- Is a year 365 days? Yes, Can you have a summer holiday and a winter holiday in a year? Yes, Can you graduate from university in a year? No, Do you get older in a year? Yes -After asking CCQ for each word, ask the students form of the words. Is a minute a noun, adjective? noun -Focus on the pronunciation of hour and month. They are the problematic ones.

Controlled practice (Gap-filling activity) (10 minutes) • to test the students

-Tell the students they are going to fill the gaps using correct time words and expressions. -Give them the HO. -When they finish, tell them to check their answer with their parners. Make sure that they know their partners. -After they check their answers, nominate several students to give the answers. -Focus on the pronunciation of 'once' in this exercise. -Tell them to do the exercise b. They are going to complete he sentences with one word. -Gve them 3 minutes to finish the activity. -When they finish, tell them to check their answers with their partners. -Get students to write the answer on the WB. -Take WC FB

semi controlled practice (answering the questions) (8 minutes) • to practice using vocabulary and relevant language in context

-Ask them 'how often do you go to the cinema? or etc. to get them to engage more with the task. -Tell them that they are going to talk about their daily life with their partners. -Before they start tell them to make full sentences while speaking. -Give them 4 minutes. -Take FB from each partner what they learnt about their partner's daily life. Do error-correction while taking FB

Freer speaking practice (interview) (8 minutes) • To provide speaking practice (after aims completed)

-Remind them the lifestyle of Okinawa from previous lesson quickly. Ask ' Does he live a healthy life? -Tell them to interview their partner, with the questionnaire. -When they finish, they are going to calculate their partner's total points. Then they are going to read the result to their partners to check how healthy their lifestyles are? -Take FB from several students.

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