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reading , writing , speking , listening
suffixes for adjective and nouns level


in this lesson ss are going to read , ss write and control practic about suffix , write about a good holiday and check them in group and choic 5 good holidays .


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Main Aims

  • To provide accuracy and fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of holidays

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of suffixes for nouns and adjectives


warmer/lead-in (10-13 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage ss

T greets ss . T ask ss remember new words in group ; nature, comfort , kidness, health, ..

EXPOSURE (8-10 minutes) • highlight useful words and phrases

T read reviews and explain new words and phrases on board

Task (25-30 minutes) • to provide an opportunety to practic target productive skills

T asks ss match the nouns and the adjectives according reviews then underline the suffix in each pair of words . t and ss check the answers . ss look at the suffixes and line adjectives and nouns . T describe why some words only add the suffix and some wordschang in spelling .

planning (8-10 minutes) • to provide an opportunity to plan ss reports

T asks ss to determine if the words are adjectives or nouns. ss do it in pairs. t asks one of the ss to come to the board and answer the question. WC check their answers with the answers on the board.

report (10-12 minutes) • the allow ss to report on how they did the task how it went

T asks ss to write about their best holiday. they write about 5 holidays. then ss check their writings in pairs. thens ss stick their writings on the wall and their classmates read their writing and chose the 5 top writings.

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