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DOGME Experimental
Upper Intermediate level


Abc White Board/Markers

Main Aims

  • To recycle and review lexical chunks we learned in earlier classes.
  • To stimulate conversation surrounding language, its form, use, and meaning.
  • To practice speaking in the context of language instruction, learning, and interpretation.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Personal Aim: to relinquish control of the classroom to my students becoming a participant, observer, and feedback collector.
  • To create a situation where there is student emergent language that can become a teaching focus.
  • To promote learner autonomy.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • To provide a task for the lesson

Write lexical chunks (from Language Analysis) on the board. Delegate the teaching responsibility to the first student to assume the role. Explain that they can talk about the chunks in similar terms to ones we have used in the past (literal translation, idiomatic translation, structure of language, phonology). Tell them to choose one phrase, give a mini-lesson and then they are responsible for electing the next teacher.

DOGME MAGIC (40-45 minutes) • To create a situation where language will emerge

Let the students control the flow of the class from then on, only chime in when they need prompting or when there is language that can be discussed.

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