Sibel Vural Sibel Vural

Eyes Open 1 Starter Unit- 1
Elementary level


Greetings, the English alphabet, numbers, telling the time, clasroom objects and prepositions of place, demonstarative adverbs


Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of Numbers 1-20, clasroom objects

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Warmer (10-15 minutes) • Ice-Breaker Game 1

1st S holding the ball says "hi/hello" tells his/her name ( My name ....) and throws the ball to another S. The second student tells his / her name and the 1st S's name, throws S the ball to another. The 3rd S tells his / her name and repeats the 1st and 2nd Ss names and it goes on till the whole class is over.

(10-15 minutes) • Revise The alphabet

Ss g through the PowerPoint and listen pg 4-3 they spell their names to each other/ to the class I pairs Ss spell some vocabulary chosen from pg 28 to each other.

Numbers 1-20, Telling the time (3-5 minutes) • clarification of calculational terms and asking for / telling the time

after waching the video Ss will do and read out the calculations; pg 4- 6 will be played so that they will check themselves. Ss will do Pg 4- 10 They will ask each other the questions in Pg 4-11 in pairs.

prepositions and classroom objects (3-5 minutes) • practice the target language

Ss do pg5-1,2 and 3 They will ask and answer questions about the places of various objects in class.

Demonstratives (5-10 minutes) • Controlled Practice

Ss do page 5-5 and practice in pairs mentioning the objects in class.

language practice (10-15 minutes) • practice the target language


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