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Teaching Practice 2
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn different adjectives related to the people and places. T starts with the pictures of opposite adjectives on the WB. The teacher uses her mimics and gestures to explain the meaning of the adjectives. Students will try to guess the meaning of them. This will be followed by listening a song related to adjectives, gap filling exercise, pronunciation exercise, matching pictures with the adjectives, making sentences with the adjectives.


Abc Matching Activity

Main Aims

  • To clarify the meaning of different adjectives related to the people and places.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in the context of people and places.


Warmer (0-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Teacher starts with different pictures on the WB.The pictures are the adjectives of people and things such as; old-new / beautiful-ugly / hot-cold / cheap- expensive / big- small/ tall-short/ happy-sad/ fat-thin/ friendly-unfriendly/ nice. T indicates a picture and animates it using her gestures, mimics. T asks: " Any guess?" Sts try to guess it.

Introduction to vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • To provide sts with the meaning of the adjectives

T shows the adjectives of the pictures on the left side of the WB. Then T asks one by one indicating the pictures: "Have a look at this girl. She is a ........... girl? T (beautiful)" T elicits answers. T asks one by one indicating each picture. T sticks the adjectives under the pictures. It is like a matching through role play of the teacher and elicitation.

Controlled Practice through a listening (0-5 minutes) • To provide sts with practice the new vocabulary

T uses a song related to describing people such as: " beautiful, nice, tall". T gives sts HO with gaps of the songs. Sts are expected to complete the gaps with the adjectives when they hear. They check it with their partners.

Pronunciation Practice (3-5 minutes) • To practice pronunciation and word stress with students

T plays the recording. Sts listen and practice chorally after every adjective. Then T shows the stress of the adjectives on the WB. T repeats the drill if necessary.

Controlled Practice (0-5 minutes) • To prepare students for more meaningful activities

Sts are given HO related to the matching opposite adjectives with pictures. Sts complete this part with their partners. T checks the results. T gives an answer key for early finishers. Then T gives second handout to sts. T changes some of the Sts' places to provide new partners. Sts read the words in boxes and they decide if it is a noun or adjective with their new partners. Then they circle the adjectives with colorful pencils. T elicits answers.

Highlighting the usage (3-5 minutes) • To provide Sts with an awareness about the usage of adjectives in a sentence

T writes some example sentences on the WB. " This watch is nice/ It's a new car / It's an old car. At the same time the T indicates the pictures of the watch and the car. Then highlights the following points: "adjectives go after be, adjectives go before nouns" T also highlight the word order in questions.

Semi-Controlled Practice (0-10 minutes) • To provide Sts with an accuracy speaking activity

T gives Sts mini pictures of the adjectives ( new, expensive, tall, short, cold, hot, big , small, fat, thin) T pairs the Sts as an A and B. Each student will look at the pictures and make sentence with them such as:" It's a big apple, he is a fat man." Sts talk to each other. T monitors their speaking.

If Time Activity (0-0 minutes) • To provide Sts with further practices

T sets Sts in groups of three then gives HO. Sts are expected to make sentences with the given words. T elicits answers.

If Time Activity (0-0 minutes) • To provide Sts with an accuracy speaking activity

T pairs Sts then T gives HO to one of the pairs. One of the pairs will look at it, read the adjective then his/ her partner says the opposite. When they finish, they change the roles. T monitors them to give feedback.

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