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speaking time
intermediate level


in this speaking part, i`m gonna try to make the students learn how to describe someone and i`m going to use the help of pictures and photos. first i will start with some review and then i will start with describing someone in a picture myself, after that i will ask the learners some questions to make sure i`m in the right path.then i will use some puzzle games to make them ready as the putting exposure part. finally we are gonna do the task in the book with some new pictures and in a more efficient way.


Abc white board
Abc cards
Abc power point
Abc paper sheets

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy in describing people `s appearance with proper adjectives and in the right grammatical way.

Subsidiary Aims

  • 1-to help the students talk about what they are intrested in with the suitable adjectives. 2-to enable the learners to use the expressions about how someone does look like in a correct way. 3-i want them to feel happy and fresh without being anxious caused by the enviroment of a class.


lead in (2-3 minutes) • to make them eager to talk

1-I want them to start talking in a few seconds so first the review part must be done to make sure they are ready. 2-at the end i will describe a picture myself and i will ask some CCQ and ... to make sure they know what they are doing.

exposure (2-3 minutes) • to make sure they are awake and ready to learn

I will show them two pictures, they should stand up and match their phrases with the pictures on the board.

useful language (2-3 minutes) • to enable them to use important expressions in the main speaking activity

i will show the class the cards from the last activity and we will work on them together so they can get familiar with the forms.

productive task (9-10 minutes) • to make the learner show the ability of creating new describing sentences based on new things thay learned.

1-first we will divide the studenst in to 2 groups. 2-we will pick one student from one of the groups and ask him to look at a picture for some seconds. 3-while he is doing that the other group is making their questions based on the people in the photos. 4- after a few seconds we will hide the photo and they should ask and answer about what they have memorized from the details. 5- at the end there is going to be a winner which would be served with candies.

feedback and error correction (0-1 minutes) • to stop students from making a same error again

1- i will do some delayed correction if it was neccecary. 2- i will write the important thing on the board for them to take notes at the end.

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