Roadeh Roadeh

Teaching Practice 1
Beginners level


In this lesson, students will say and understand numbers from 1- 100 in order to talk about the age of people and things. They will listen to some controlled exercises to find out the stress areas on the numbers they hear.


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Main Aims

  • To say and understand numbers from 1 - 100 in order to talk about the age of people and things.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students controlled speaking practice / to practice listening for specific information.


Warmer / Lead in • To set lesson context and engage students.

T. will write numbers ( 0 - 12 ) on the board and ask students to work in pairs to write these numbers in words. T. asks feedback ( elicit the correct spelling from students )

Pre- Listening • To help students learn more numbers

T. says numbers from 13 - 20 and asks students to repeat as a class, then in pairs. WCF

Learning more vocabulary ( numbers ) • To increase students amount of numbers in words.

T. will divide the class into two groups. Each group will be given an envelope with two sets of flash cards. The first set has numbers in tens ( 30 - 40 - 50 etc.) and the other one has these numbers in words. Ss. are supposed to match them correctly. Ss. check their answers with the other group.

Gist Listening • To help students find out the stressed syllables

T. puts some numbers in words on the white board, she reads the numbers clearly so that the students are able to notice the stressed syllables. T. gives more examples on the board and asks students to do the same to check their understanding.

Applying the skill • To make students use more vocabulary words to form new numbers.

T. writes two numbers on the board and shows students how to write them in words. Students will be able to complete the exercise in the same way individually. T. ask students to check their answers in pairs for feedback.

Post- Listening • To use the target language properly

T. distributes a handout which has a photo and some words in the box. Students are asked to work individually to match the words in the box with the suitable item in the photo. T. plays a recording to make students listen to a conversation then fill in the gaps with the correct number. Ss. work in pairs to check their answers.

Applying the skill • To check students understanding of using numbers to ask about age.

T. distributes some cards with key words and students mingle in the class and ask their friends about ages of people in their families or places in their countries. T. monitors to check students' achievements.

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