sharam sharam

comparison grammar
pre-intermediate level


At first i want to ask some question and personalise it after that i want to write some example after that i want to say the usage then isay the form of grammar after that i have a controll practice then i have freer practice i have a game at the end for conclusion i want from student to make story


Abc powerpoint

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of english in the context of comper two person or thing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of compare in the context of ask question


comparison (30-35 minutes) • compare two person or thing

At first i ask some question from student for example who is fat than all student, do we have some student that they have same hight in our class ,who is tall than other student , after that i write this on board and i ask from student do you have another idea to say this sentence better? after that i want two or 4 student to paint something on a board and we compare with each other after that i say the usage then i say the form of grammar after that i give some question that at first they do it alone after that ina group and if they have some mistake their friend make it this is my control practice then i have some paper that make a sentence that student should stand and make it by changing their place and i want from other group to say its true or no and this is my freer practice at the end about conclusion i want student make story

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