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Speaking lesson
Upper-intermediate level


In this lesson students practice their speaking, listening and reading skills. Upon seeing some pictures related to medical cases, Ss try to guess what the people inside the pictures are doing. Then they do a jigsaw in which they match the definitions with the related vocab (e.g. IVF treatment, Bone marrow donor, sperm, severe stroke...) Then they do a jigsaw reading in groups and take notes, to tell other groups about their cases. Upon completing it, they listen a recording about one of the cases and they answer the 2 questions about it. Then with their old groups they answer the questions under their case and take notes in order to tell them to their peers. Then the lesson comes to an end.


Abc Medical Pictures
Abc Recording
Abc Jigsaw reading

Main Aims

  • My main aim is to get Ss to practice their speaking skills while they are making decisions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • My sub aim is to get Ss to practice their listening and reading skills.


Quick Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss involved in the topic, as well as to get them speak.

I give Ss a HO with pictures and ask them "What do you think these people are doing, can you guess? Upon getting some answers from a few Ss the stage will come to an end.

Match the definitions with the words (5-6 minutes) • Aim of this is to get Ss familirez with vocabulary from the text.

Depending on their numbers, I will group the Ss and I will provide them with a jigsaw which contains words and phrases taken from the texts and their definitions. They will work in groups to match the phrases with their definitions. As FB I will provide them with an answer key.

Jigsaw reading (12-15 minutes) • Aim is to get students to speak about their cases upon reading their texts.

I will provide 3 different text for each group and I will instruct them to "read and take notes", when they are done, I will pair each Ss from each group with Ss from different groups, using their notes they will tell Ss from other groups about their cases. By the end of the stage everybody will have an idea about all of the cases.

Listen and answer the questions (5-6 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss tose their listening skills

I will write two questions on the board taken from the students book and I will instruct them to " listen and answer the questions". Once they are done there will be a whole class feedback.

Further practice of speaking (15-18 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss to use their speaking skills.

I will tell Ss to sit with their first groups and I will give the instruction: "answer the questions under your texts with your group and come up with arguments for and against them and take notes"

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