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Teaching practice 2
2a level


In this lesson,students will learn about times,prices through the practice of saying them as they appear on the paper and the white board this will be followed by three small demonstrations where they will be buying and selling tickets to each other in order to fulfill the lessons main aim of speaking.


Abc cut paper in form of tickets with time and prices of the films,face2face hand out.
Abc cut paper in form of pounds

Main Aims

  • speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • Talking about times/prices and listening


warmer lead in (3-7 minutes) • To find out if students remember what they have been taught in the past two lessons.

Teacher will hold a big clock up for every student to see and ask them to say the time on that clock and after the teacher will write three to four money currencies on the white board and again ask the students what they think those currencies are. Teacher will also provide a hand out with different times and prices which students will practice while saying.

practicing stage (10-15 minutes) • To improve students knowlegde on saying different times and prices

students will be grouped in 3s A B C, a copy of student A work sheet will be given to one student in each group,B work sheet given to the second student still in each group and C work sheet like wise,if there is one or two extra students they will be fixed in the other groups.I will ask the students to observe the hear and say colums on their work sheets.student A in each group will start by saying the time example 10 oclock and if the time or price next to ten oclock is in their hear column,students will say it ,the activity will continue untill students reach finish.If time is not enough, the students will be asked to tick the prices and times on their work sheets when they hear or say them.

Questions and answer stage. (2-6 minutes) • to elicit example sentences from the students about time and prices .

teacher will ask them to give example sentences from the previous lesson about time and prices in preparation of the next group activity.the example sentences can be like,What is the title of the film? How much is the film in regard to the price? And what time is the film? Questions like how many tickets do you want are also expected.

continued times ande prices practice (3-7 minutes) • To find out if students can be able to relate prices and times.

Teacher will put students into pairs and make one ticket seller while the other will be the customer, the customer will ask the ticket seller questions about the time and price ofcourse,they will do the dialogue in turns while they are changing partners teacher will move around to monitor the groups to see if the students are on track and then after close the dialogue and ask a few individual students which film they bought tickets for.i will put some mistakes on the white board and call upon some students to correct them.

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