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Copy of Introducing adjectives and reading
Beginner level


In this lesson, Ss learn adjectives and gist reading to practice adjectives in context of an email. T introduce adjective vocabularies. Ss get to practice by matching adjectives to pictures. Ss should be aware of word order and the use of intensifier,'very'. Ss use adjectives to describe things esp in the context of places. Ss will be thought to follow the stages of a reading lesson.


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Main Aims

  • Introducing adjectives and gist reading.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Word order with adjectives; use of intensifier "very" with adjectives Use adjectives to describe things esp in the context of places. Stages of reading and pre teach vocabs


Presenting adjectives (10-12 minutes) • Elicit adjectives and oppossites

Have a list of items. Have ss name some items if they know them. T describes items to present vocabs of adjectives. Use opposite adjectives. Use things around the classroom, Feedback: T-Ss e.g "what kind of pencil is this?" etc. Ss' turn to repeat what T did, i.e describe the items. (Colour is included as) First chesting the HO and then give ss and demo (ICQ). Have each ss read through all the words on the HO before they do the task. Feedback: Ss cross check with their partners (PW). T write answers on WB. GW-3-4 Demo 1st one on the paper on WB. Pin the sheet of paper around the classroom. The paper has a list of pictures. Each groups will have slips of cut-outs of adjectives words to match the correct pictures. Who will be first to complete is the winner to stir ss with some competitive spirit. Feedback: T-S choral drill the adjective vocab answer on WB

Word Order & intensifier "very" (8-10 minutes) • Ss learn word order rules with adjectives and to use intensifier-'very' together with adjectives

On WB, T draw an old house. Ask ss 'what is it?' Ask about the house (old/new)? identify the noun by pointing to the house with adjective+"is old". e.g. It's an old house -break it down "old house" (1st-adj + 2nd-noun) Your house is old - break it down "is old" (1st-be + 2nd-adj) Mix up the word order so that ss able hear the sentence doesn't sound right. Give one e.g and have ss feedback: Which is noun and which is adjective - My computer is expensive. (close "my computer" so 'is expensive) It's an expensive computer. (close 'It's so "an expensive computer) T repeat above sentence but now add "very" to Introduce intensifier- 'very' to ss , choral drill Demo "very" on WB by showing 2 thermometers with one hot (50c) and the other less (35c), (Cline) - ss can say "very hot" and follow same e.g but with cold (-) so "very cold" GW 3-4 Task: Match the words to form sentences with these cut-ups Demo 1st no. with the cut-ups on WB. GW 4 Demo cut-out to make sentences e.g "My/Your/His/her mobile phone is (very) nice" It's a very nice mobile phone' ICQ- ss do one more pic as e.g

Gist reading an email (10-13 minutes) • Ss will learn skim reading and observe vocab that they already learned.

PPT pics of the vocabs: a hotel, a room, a restaurant, an internet cafe, and near (mime) Check Ss if they got these vocabs by asking, "what is this?" Write on WB and choral drill these vocabs and stress on these words: hotel, restaurant and Internet cafe Point out 'restaurant' is two syllables, not three Cafe, stress on the 1st syllables. HO ask Ss What is this? Answer: an email. Where's this place? Who are these people? Are they happy or sad? Are they hot or cold? 1st reading, ss skimthrough the text. Feedback: Ask students some ss questions: Any adjectives?What are they? Are there any cities names? What are the places?

Reading with a task (7-10 minutes) • Do a task to get feedback if they understood the text. Practice fluency by personalised freer speaking using adjectives to decribe cities they've visited.

Chesting HO and demo No. 1&2 , Tick (/) for true and (X) for false. Write the correct adjective answer in the blank 2nd reading, Ss do the ex on HO while reading Demo for next activity by asking ss e.g (ICQ) "is Istanbul an ugly city or.....?' Are people in Istanbul unfriendly or .....? Are restaurants cheap or...? Are the restaurants bad or ....? I don't see internet cafes in Istanbul. Is Istanbul very cold in January? Practice fluency. GW-4 (group them by places they've visited) Have ss use cut-out adjectives to discuss E.g. Ask ss 'who was in Trabzon?Van?Antalya?Adana?Van? Ankara?Bodrum?Izmir?

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