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holiday plans, future tense
Intermadiate level


In this lesson first ss will learn about Future tense (predictions) on the context of holiday plans. They will be able to recognize the situations which includes evidence or not. Later they will look at two pictures and make different predictions and complete the exercise with its listening. Finally at the end they will have discussions with their partner about their partners predicts.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of future tense of prediction in the context of holiday plans.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed and specific information listening practice using a text about prediction of two different dialougs
  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a discussion in the context of ss predictions about their partner.


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • to introduce the context of the lesson in an interesting way to ss

- t will ask some questions about the listening they've already done. t:Where were the people on the listening going? s:Brazil/ Mauritius / Italy/ Madrid/ New York /Australia t: Yes and they were all going on....? s: Holiday t.: Yes now I will give you the script of the listening and I want you to work as pairs and underline the Future Tenses sentences on the script. ICQ's "Are you working alone?" "Are you underlining the Past tense sentences?" -Gives the script of the L

Clarifying the TL (3-5 minutes) • to improve the predictions of the Future Tense

-t listens to their answers then focuses on the sentence model sentence "We're planning on partying all night, every night." "We're going to spent all of it over the weekend. Every single penny." -t drills the two sentences. -t shows the contrast of "We're" with finger and drills. -t Shows the stress of the sentences. (planning and spent) -t underlines going and to and informal ask how we say it ( ganna)

continue on clarifying the TL (5-8 minutes)

- T writes projects the sentences on the board and asks. "you're going to be very exhausted wit all that clubbing." --- Do they party once in a while? (NO) --- Do they like going to club?(Yes) --- they may of definitely go to club? (definitely) "We're going to spend all of it over the weekend. Every single penny." --- Do they have to spend little bit of the money?(yes) --- Did they save money before?(yes) --- Will they definitely enjoy spending the whole money?(Yes) T: Great, but take a look at form I used (t underlines the going to) What am I missing here? s: Will? t: Yes, (t underlines all night every, night and every single penny on the sentences) these are our evidence ( explains the word if they dont know) t: If I don't have evidence I can use? s: Will -t writs on WB "I will go on holiday." (no evidence now) "She will visit her mom in Ayvalık."(no evidence) -T goes back to the model sentences and under them writes. "we will ('ll) definitely plan on partying all night every night" "We will definitely go to spend all of it. Every penny" T: We can also say like this too.

form or the TL (2-3 minutes) • to get ss awareness of form of the TL

-t asks the s+verb+o of the sentences, negative and question and writes them on the board. s+be going to+ base verb s+will+base verb s+be (NOT) going to+ base verb s+will (NOT)+base verb be going to+ s+ base verb will+s+base verb

situation fill in (2-3 minutes) • to get them used to understand the situations

-t projects ss two situations and ask them to work in pairs for 2 minutes, answer them and asks ss Why? ICQ: "Are you working individually?" "Are you discussing which form to choose?" "Are you only discussing?" Situation 1: You walk in to my room and see me packing up and ask me ; Where......................................?(go) ( going to because there is an evidence) Situation 2: I'm going to be off and planning going on a holiday. So I call my friend to tell her my plan I say; I..................................................(go)(will because there is no evidence) -FB ss come to board and write the answers.

controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • to be able to make predictions

-Give the HO. Ex1 Ss work individually to find to different predictions about what's going to happen next in each one. -Next they will compare their ideas with their partners. - Then they will listen to the conversations for FB.

Semi controlled Practice (10-11 minutes) • to ss to write predictions about their partners.

- HO ex 2 they will write five predicts about their partners. -Ho ex 3 they will tell their predictions to their partners. And ask if they are possible.

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