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Upper Intermediate, B2 level


In this lesson, Student's language will be analysed, based on that the SS encountered in their reading text in the previous lesson, and according to that the lesson will introduce and practice "used to" and "would" in the context of animals and pets, SS have probably learned "used to", and they may still make mistakes with the form, and they may be not as familiar with "would" for past habits.


Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice of "used to" and "would" in the context of Animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking for fluency


lead-in (7-8 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and make the context of the lesson interesting for SS

-give SS an exercise to make them focus on the language right away (ex.1 workbook p.12). 1-instructions: here are some sentences, after each sentence there is a word in brackets (used to, would) try to rewrite the sentences by adding these two words to the sentences. *one sentence (demo) 2-Pass out HO's PW: check your answers with your partner WC: check with WC: show them the answers (slide) and review them together

Focus on the language (18-22 minutes) • Convey the meaning

show(slide) 3 sentences from the grammar box in order: The earl liked dogs. CCQs: Does the earl like dogs now? Did he like them in the past? The dogs used to have dinner with him. CCQs: Are the dogs having a dinner with the earl now? Did they have a dinner with the earl in the past? Was it for a short time or a long time? (probably a long time) The servants would tie a napkin around their necks. CCQ(s): Are the servants tying a napkin around the dogs now? Is it an habit now? Did they tie a napkin around their necks in the past? let the SS figure the form of "used to" (negative form, question form) what does "used to" show us? "used to" shows a contrast between something that happened in the past and later events (now, future) - these events may happen in the future : for example: "I used to work in Barcelona in the 1990s, then i went away for few years and finally I'v come back to the town again". show(slide) the third sentence on WB:" would tie" write the form (making them to tell me the form) "would" has the same meaning as "used to" but - I used to live in Istanbul - I would live in Istanbul 1* cannot be used with stative verbs (believe, live, want, hope, hear, love, be, hate, think,etc) 2* show on the WB(slide) can we say I'd walk to the town center every evening? is it in the past ? can we add something before the sentence to make it correct? get some answers write " when i was a teenager" (what did i do here? I'v changed the tense to the past) defining: which time period you are talking about.

Controlled practice (7-8 minutes) • To practice the new language "used to" and "would" in the context of animals

Instructions first: there are 3 questions and a text, read the text and try to answer the questions used to+infinitive or would +infinitive used to+infinitive cannot be replace by either (no change) demo the first one PW check WC check

Freer practice (6-8 minutes) • using the target language out of the context of animals

grouping: 3 SS together discuss the questions in ex.3 use "used to" "would" cloths, food, games, sleep i used to play video games. what can you tell us about your friend ?

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