Vildan Vildan

TP 5
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn and recognize the adjectives made up of suffixes and prefixes through guiding questions, teacher highlights based on a short reading text about inspirations. The lesson starts with a discussion about some inspirational quotes. This is followed by pre-teaching vocabulary from the text. Students find out the meanings of some key vocabulary through a guided discovery activity. Then they read the text and isolate the examples of the target language in the text and do some controlled practices. The lesson ends with a game through which they can exploit the target language further.


Abc TP 5 (A photocopy from the book)

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of adjectives made up of suffixes and prefixes in the context of inspiration

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of some adjectives in the context of inspiration


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To warm students up to the lesson

I will display onto the white board through overhead projector and ask them whether they have ever checked this web site. They may have probably heard of before. I will tell them that there are actually many positive and helpful inspirational quotes in this website. So they can check for mottos, fun sayings and other life advice. Then I’ll show them 3 quotes that I like. I’ll ask students to think about these quotes’ meanings and discuss with their friends which one of these quotes are useful to remember. Which one of these quotes would be useful to remember as life advice.

Vocab building (9-10 minutes) • For students to gain vocab from the text

The students will find out the meaning of some words on their own through a matching activity. First, I will ask them whether they know the meanings of the words written on the WB. They will discuss a while with their partners, and decide on their meanings. Then I will pass out some cut ups and ask them try and match the words used within the example sentences with the definitions. I’ll pass the answer key and then I’ll ask some CCQ.

Reading the text for finding the words blanked out (4-6 minutes) • Students to gain a comprehensive understanding of text.

Students will read the text and then with their partners they will try and guess the missing word. Then I will get WC FB.

Controlled Grammar Practice - Suffixes / (-ing, -ed) / Prefixes (15-20 minutes) • Students to distinguish the suffixes / prefixes of the adjectives within the text and to distinguish adjectives of feelings

After reminding them yesterday's grammar lesson, I will try to elicit as much information as I can from the students about suffixes. Then they'll ask them to underline the suffixes of the adjectives in bold in the text. When they're done, some student will come to the whiteboard and underline the suffixes of the adjectives for their friends. Following this exercise I will write on the board a sentence which includes the words “depressed” and “depressing” and ask them whether these words or adjectives or verbs. Then I want them try and match “depressed” and “depressing” with their definitions. With CCQs I will make it sure that adjectives that end in “–ed” is used to describe the way you feel, on the other hand adjectives that end in “–ing” point out a thing what makes you feel. Finally I will introduce prefixes. I will tell that we can also add prefixes to adjectives. Many of these give the word the meaning “the opposite of” or “not”. I’ll give some examples and ask if they can think of other examples. Finally I will ask them to find two examples to adjectives with prefixes from the text.

GAME: Prefix and suffix dominoes (6-8 minutes) • Students to practice their knowledge of suffixes and prefixes

Each group will have one set of dominoes. Group members will share dominoes equally face down and each student places the dominoes face down in a pile in front of themselves. I will simply explain the rules of game shortly and then share game rules written on a sheet. The first student to put down all his/her dominoes will win in each group.

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