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TP 5
upper-intermediate level


In this lesson I will focus on giving the students exposure to and practice of the present perfect continuous and simple form with some realistic personalized speaking practive and grammar exercises


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Main Aims

  • To teach the students present perfect continuous and simple in a memorable context

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give the students plenty of speaking practice for acuracy and fluency


Lead in (7-8 minutes) • to introduced Sts to TL in a familier context

I write countries alI the have I been to on the WB and elicit .....I have been a Sts counts 15 then I elicit... I have been to 15 countries I circle Turkey to elicit sentence how long have I been living in Turkey, I say 2 years what have I been doing here? teaching English how long? 2 yrs I show wedding ring, I am married, How long have I been married? 2 years I ask a Sts what have you been doing for the last 2 years? then I get them to ask each other in pairs

feedback and developing speaking practice (7-7 minutes) • to provide further speaking practice using TL

I ask a couple or maybe more depending on how well it goes of strong Sts to share their conversations then write key words for things that I have been doing in one column and in the other words for say how long and how many times the Sts try to get sentences matching the key words using the present perfect form then I get the Sts again in pairs to practice asking the questions but with a different partner

showing and practising the TL form (12-15 minutes) • show the the forms of present perfect continuous and simple and give practice them

I ask a Sts to share a sentence using the 2 different forms the PPC and PPS and write them on the WB asking students to clarify the difference to model the handout task which is doing the same thing then I give them the hand outs telling them to circle the correct form then on their own then I tell them to discuss with their partner then in groups of four then I do feed-back asking each group to share its answers and justify them while I write them on the board

telling jokes (7-8 minutes) • To get the Sts to use TL in the context of telling jokes

I write a joke on the board with the verbs missing and elicit the verbs in the TL tense and see if they can know the word punch line and see if they laugh at the joke then I give handout with jokes for them to fill in the verbs still in their groups I get a couple of students to share there jokes with the class

jokes mingle (8-11 minutes) • to generate some fun practice of TL

I divide the class into As and Bs and give As a joke using the present perfect continuous and the Bs the punch line and ask them to mingle and find their punch line partner

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