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Modal Verb Can, Can't
Elementary Level level


In this lesson students will learn about the modal verb can/can't. They will practice speaking about abilities. They will work in pairs doing some exercises together. At the end of the class they will mingle with one another, asking each other things they can and can't do.


Abc Can you or can't you?

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of modal verb can/can't for ability.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students controlled speaking practice talking about abilities.


Lead In (5 minutes) • Get the class going

Name game, new students get to know them

Review (7 minutes) • Make sure lessons are not forgoten

Review some stuff from previous lessons Possessive Adjectives, Focus on the meaning of 'to possess' Telephone numbers, dates, first, second ... Countries pronounciation

Can For Ability #1 (5 minutes) • Remember,Speak,Pronounce

Write your surname, email, telephone Practice telephone highs lows Practice pronounciation, B like boy, in T like Tom .... Have student do activity together in pair, H like ....(no writing) Do some pronounciation work (can soft, can't hard)

Can For Ability #2 (12 minutes) • Practice form, pronunciation,, introduce infinitive form

Introduce positive,negative,question forms of can/can't Explain infinitive (use infinitive after can/can't) Jumble exercise (work in pairs) Simplify complicated ones Monitor class

Mingle (15 minutes) • Have student ask one another questions, use can/can't

Chest activity to students Similiar to the one we did tuesday (likes) Have students ask one another questions Join in front of the class, see who can and can't do ...

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