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Times Past
Elementary level


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Main Aims

  • To use irregular verbs have, do and go in the past

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for specific details


Lead in (3-4 minutes) • To create interest in the lesson aims

T. asks student to How old are you? When were you born?What year? Teacher shows students two pictures one for an old man and another for a young girl Ss work together in pairs and decide which year T. accepts logical answers

Building context (8-8 minutes) • Test students' prior knowledge about dates in the past

T. explains the task ex. Ss listen to audio Ss choose the hear form the recording ex. 1 p. 64 Ss listen and repeat the numbers the hear ex. 2 p. 64 Ss speak in pairs and answer the 3 questions in ex. 3 p. 64 Pair checking

Clarifying (7-8 minutes) • To listen for gist

T ask Ss questions about their age? How old are you ? When were you born? T. explains the task in ex. ( When was she born? 1 p. 64 Audio T 9.3 Ss listen and answer the 2 questions Ss compare their answers in pairs ss work on ex. 1 in the WB p. 52 Ss listen to check answers Ss work in pairs to write the numbers in words on ex. 3 WB p. 52

Production (5-6 minutes)

Ss will speak together in groups about their family members Ss will use a list of possible family members the talk about

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