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Relationship and neighbours, questions with How and What
Pre-Int, level


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification/review and practice of questions with "how" and "what" in the present simple in the context of relationships and neighbours.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in speaking for fluency.


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • To set lesson's context and engage students

1. I display the picture 1 (on a Projector) to my students and elicit ideas. Look at this picture. What can you see? What do we call people who live very close to us? Neighbours. Work in groups; Think about what kind of problem these people have? Why are they angree? 2. I elicit their ideas. 3. I show the picture 2 (whole view). Who was right? What kind of neighbour are these people? Loud. What type of neighbour is he? Calm and friendly. 4. I write the word Neighbour on a board. Concept questions. Phoneme. Drill chorally and individually.

Exposure (3-4 minutes) • to review questions with What and How in the context of neighbours and prepare students to the next stage of language analysis

Give instructions. Complete the task. You need choose the correct word for each sentence. Hand out the sheets.

Feed back (5-6 minutes) • to establish answers as a whole class

1. Peer-checking 2. I elicit correct answers. If they make mistake I ask other students to correct. 2. Drill some chunks and sentences. How often, How often do you see your neighbours? What can be the answer? Every day, never.

Language focus\clarification (7-8 minutes) • to provide clarification of the questions with "How" and "What"

1. I write words How____? and What____? Across from them I write Nouns Adverbs Adjectives Much Sort of\type of I check if they know what adj., adverb, and nouns are. Write some ex-amples next to. 2. Work in pair. Match what goes after What and what goes after How? You have 2 mins. 3. Feedback. I elicit answers and examples of possible sentences. I use colored markers to highlight different parts of speech. 4. I prepared some leaflet with key words (rich-queen, often-you-pizza) I show it to a class and ask to create a sentence. Choral and individual drilling.

Semi-controlled practice (8-9 minutes) • to internalize the target items

1. Give instructions. You have answers. Read them and write the questions. Solo work. 2. Check your answers with the partner. 3. Feed back to whole class. Ask in a random order . 4. Ask and answer these questions to your partner. 5. Walk and monitor, help if needed.

Follow-up task (5-6 minutes) • to give a practice in speaking for fluency in the context of neighbours

1. Write 4 questions you want to ask your new neighbour about his family, job, hobbies. Be polte. Can you ask How much money do you earn? Its rude. What kind of job do you have - better. 2. Walk and ask your question to someone you havent talk today with.

Last activity if there is a time (2-3 minutes) • to round off the class in the context of neighbours

Ask about your neighbors, then buy the _ _ _ _ _ house next-_ _ _ _ neighbor. door Good _ _ _ _ _ _ make good neighbors: fences

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