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Desert island food - speaking
Beginners - A1 level


In this lesson, students develop their speaking skill through the topic of desert island food. They will begin with an activity, for them to guess what the topic is about,. Following this, students read and then write their food list to take it with them to the desert island. After this, students listen to a woman talking about her list, and the students have to answer a question in the book. Finally, they then talk in pairs about their list and then in groups discuss their writing and answer each other questions.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation, discussion

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about desert island food in the context of ice cream, fruit


lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to make students more interested in the lesson.

two students from two groups will sit on chairs and their back to the whiteboard. Using power point, the teacher shoes pictures of food, and the other students from each group try to explain to their group member, what the pictures is. They can mime or describe , but they can't say the name neither in English nor in Turkish. The teacher use power point, by providing pictures for the new vocabulary, and elicit the names from the students.

preparing for speaking (3-6 minutes) • to provide ideas for students to speak

T provides handout contains a sentence describing a situation for the students to write and speak about. Ss write their food list and explain why they choose this list to take with them to the desert island. Ss in the speaking activities will use this list to talk and discuss about.

useful language (5-7 minutes) • to provide language which learners may use in their speaking activities.

Ss will listen to a women talking about her food list. On the first play,they will write what she mentioned in her food and drinks list, and on the second play, they will tick on the phrase they hear in the listening.then they will check their answers together. Ss will use these key phrases in their speaking activities.

speaking task (9-10 minutes) • the learners will practice their oral fluency in relation to the listening task

T asks Ss to work in pairs and take turns to talk about their lists using the key phrases. T now divide the class to groups and asks one students from each group to talk about his/her list, and each student from each group asks him/her one questions about her/his list

feedback (3-5 minutes) • to provide language feedback

T correct the students mistakes in their speaking activities after each exercise

Biting your tail (5-7 minutes) • to not waist time, if they finish the activities early

the game topic will be about food. T starts off by saying kitchen and then one student has to say another word related to kitchen, but started with T for example, Tea. If one students fail (not saying word related to the topic or start with wrong litter he/she out. No word can be repeated twice. Example: topic food-drinks kitchen- nut- tomato-orange-elephant (then students start discussion if people can eat elephant).

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