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Copy of Lesson Plan
Beginner Level level


Abc English Unlimited Unit 2.3, 2.4:
Abc www.englishlessonplanner.com
Abc www.englishlessonplanner.com
Abc English Unlimited Unit 2.3, 2.4:
Abc English Unlimited Unit 2.3, 2.4:
Abc English Unlimited Unit 2.3, 2.4:
Abc English Unlimited Unit 2.3, 2.4:

Main Aims

  • To read a text about families first for gist and then for detail.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To listen and pronounce the letters of the alphabet.


Stage 1: (0-4 minutes) • Lead-in

* The teacher will introduce himself and write his name on the board. * Ss will write name tags for easy identification.

Stage 2: (0-3 minutes) • * To introduce the context of the lesson and arouse student's interest.

* Pre-teach countries that are essential for understanding the text. Write all the names of the countries in the two texts on the board, namely: London, Halifax, Tokyo, Australia, Japan, Sudan and USA. * Ss will read the names so that they don't forget them as they are spelled differently in their L1 and also to ensure fluency.

Stage 3: (0-10 minutes) • To introduce gist and reading for detail, which test global understanding of the text.

* The teacher will read first, thereafter, Ss will read silently alone. The teacher should tell students that they will answer questions after reading the text with detail, students should be informed before they get HOs. The teacher should remember to explain the task before giving out HOs. * Give out HO. * Ss read the complete text in order to understand the overall idea.

Stage 4: (0-10 minutes) • The teacher will give clear instructions for grouping and individual work.

* The teacher will divide Ss into three groups A, B and C and give clear instructions to avoid -TTT. When giving out HOs the teacher should avoid the running commentary. * The text is about Donna's family. Ss will answer questions about Picture A, B and C. The teacher will name groups according to the pictures A, B and C. * Ss will work in groups to present a story similar to Donna's. They will talk about their families and culture. The teacher will do monitoring when the students are working in their groups to ensure that they know what to do. * The teacher will check if effective reading/listening took place and how Ss pronounce letters of the alphabet.

Stage 5: (0-8 minutes) • Whole class feedback.

* Ss check their answers in their groups and present them to the whole class. They will write the answers on the board. * Ss will refer back to the text to solve problems if there are any. The teacher will praise students for being good learners.

Stage 6: (0-10 minutes) • Students will read a text on Across cultures and Families and children.

* Group A reads a text about Japan, Group B - Sudan and C - USA. * Students will be encouraged to read with understanding. * Group A will answer question 1 and 2. * Group B will answer question 3 and 4 and * Group C will answer questions 5 and 6. * The teacher will do monitoring to check if ss are doing the right thing. * Ss will talk about their culture and will be grouped as follows: Group A: How many children do families in Turkey have? Group B: Cultural food. Group C: Traffic in Turkey.

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