Beginner Level level


This lesson sets the context for the upcoming two lessons- Food I like- and teaches the essential vocabularies to the students along with speaking and listening practices.


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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and speaking


Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the context

The T will show a video from youtube about "What does the world eat for breakfast?" (2 min.s) and then tell them what they "eat" and "drink" for breakfast and instructs the Ss to circle what they eat and drink in the mornings on the H/O with the words in a box. The H/O give, students circle and tell their partner what they "eat" and "drink" in the mornings.

Testing (5-7 minutes) • To test the knowledge of the Ss with vocab to be taught

The T tells the students that they will be tested . The T shows the test and asks the Ss to write the correct answer in the blanks with a word from the box. They have 3 minutes.The T monitors while they are tested and understands the words to be taught. Then FB.

Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • Eliciting vocabulary

The T focuses on the words that were problematic from the test. Most probably vegetables, meat, bread, pasta, orange juice, fruit and chocolate will be the focused words. The T provides pictures for vocab acquisition. Drilling and then spelling.

Testing (5-7 minutes) • Testing whether the Ss learned the stressed vocab.

The T then instructs the Ss with the image from Pg. 28 and asks students to write names of the food in the picture on their sheets. The T then pairs the ss check their answers together. The T projects the answer key.

Vocabulary teaching and practice (10-15 minutes) • To teach a lot of and use the words in basic sentences.

The T elicits "a lot of", "like" & "love" and gives examples about themselves. I like Dutch chocolate. I love Italian coffee. I drink a lot of water. I eat a lot of vegetables. Drilling of the sentences as necessary. Then instructs the Ss for exc.3 and asks them to match the oictures with the sentences. Pairs them, Ss check and practice. Answer key is projected to the board. The T then groups the class into 4 and provides 4 different word group and asks the ss to talk about what they eat, drink a lot and like and love from the word group they have. The T monitors and then mingling activity- everyone stands up and goes around and tell what like, love, eat and drink a lot. Depending on the level, "In my country people eat a lot _____" of and "In my country people drink a lot of ____" can be added.

Listening (5-7 minutes) • Listening and choosing the correct answer

Students listen to the recording from the tape and circle the correct answer. Then they will check the answers with pairs.

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