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English for Work Intermediate - Lesson 2


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Main Aims

  • Learn how to break the ice with small talk and use the correct phrases for introductions and showing interest

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Warmer/Lead-in - The meaning of 'Small Talk' (8-9 minutes) • To introduce Ss to an important part of business and to initiate discussions

PPT slide 1 GW: Discuss 'What is Small Talk?', 'Why is it important for business?' / 4 mins PPT slide 2 Review answers / 3 mins / Elicit summary (PPT slide 3)

Speaking Task #1 - Acceptable small talk topic (9-11 minutes) • Prep for and practice speaking

EFW p3: Small talk GW: Discuss and fill in table / 4 mins / WB sample answers / 1 min / Show PPT slide 3 and 4 as suggestions PW: Gap fill exercise / 2 mins / Create questions and practice dialogue / 3 mins

Speaking Task #2 - Introductions and responses (5-7 minutes) • To learn lexis related to business introductions and to practice lexis.

p3: Introductions IND: Do exercise A / 2 min / PW: Practice dialogue / 2 mins Divide class into 3's GW: Review and practice conversation B / 3 mins

Speaking Task #3 - Introduction and small talk combined conversation (6-8 minutes) • Integration and practice of previous lexis

p4: IND: Do exercise D / 2 mins / FB: Open pairs (?) / PW: Practice conversation E / 4 mins Maybe practice going round the class - see how long conversation can go on for (?)

Speaking Task #4 - Showing interest (14-16 minutes) • To introduce and practice lexis related to showing interest

p4: Showing Interest IND: Review and practice dialogue / 2 mins / write answers / 1 min p5: IND: Review and complete exercise B / 2 min / T: note intonation of q words (goes up) and exclamations (slower and stronger emphasis) / PW: Practice intonation p5: PW: Review and practice ex C (try doing without writing down first) / 2 mins change partners Business Result HO 2 IND: Do ex 1 / 1 min / Do ex 2 / 2 mins / FB: T: Play audio 1.5 EFW p5: PW: Think of something either really dull or obviously not true / Tell partner / partner to respond / 3 mins

Speaking task #5 - Disagreeing (6-8 minutes) • Learn and practice phrases to use for polite disagreement

p5 Disagreeing IND: Review responses and grip as per p6 / 2 mins GW: Different group members to make outrageous statements and politely disagree / 4 mins

BREAK (10-10 minutes)
Grammar Review #1 - Use of present tense for frequency (10-12 minutes) • To practice the form used for describing habitual actions related to work

BR p103 T: WB form for positive, negative, questions T: WB adverbs (place and frequency, after and before the verb) IND: Do ex 1 / 4 mins / WC FB IND: Do ex 2 / 2 mins / WC FB

Grammar Review #2 - Use of present perfect simple and continuous with questions (3-5 minutes) • Practice the form to use when asking questions

T: WB target sentence: How long have you been working here? WC practice

Case Study - Speed networking (27-30 minutes) • Practice reading and speaking about job role and asking/answering questions

BR CH 1 HO 3 T: q to class: Why is networking important? Elicit response (chance to introduce blocking lexis) T: q to class: What are the advantages of speed networking? IND: Read background / 5 mins / GW: Discuss Q2 (advantages and disadvantages) T: Allocate profiles from HO 4 / IND: Read Task Instructions and profile Arrange seating for task - pairs of facing chairs, groups of 6, Ss with paper, pen and profile / T: Demo fully / Ss meet and rotate / 20 mins GW: Discuss results

Feedback and Error Correction (6-10 minutes) • To board and correct errors that have been detected during the lesson
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