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Zafer - Summer School 1
2nd Grade Revision level


Two students preparing to enter the second grade. Theır level tests showed a need to revıse some of the skılls found ın fırst grade.


Abc Classroom Objects Flashcards
Abc Markers
Abc Scissors
Abc Colors Flash Cards

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of colors and classroom objects

Subsidiary Aims

  • To lower students' affective filters and provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation


Warmer/Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Start with something fun. Exxagerate motions and emotions. Pretend to be very tired. Engage students first by stretching and doing something physical.

Vocab Introduction (3-5 minutes) • To introduce and revise colors

Teacher uses flashcards to drill the colors.

Color Game (4-5 minutes) • To provide continued revison of the target vocabulary by providing a total physical response activity.

Students must find and point out objects throughout the room as the teachers calls different colors. "Can you find me something__green____?" After initially having the activity modeled students may take the role of the teacher.

Vocab Introduction 2 (3-5 minutes) • To introduce vocabulary related to classroom objects

Drill vocabulary using flashcards. (Colors be can included by asking "what color is the __bag_____?"

Craft Activity (10-12 minutes) • To further drill the target vocabulary

Teacher will model the directions by drawing on the board. (1- Color 2-Cut 3-Talk). Students will color the flashcards and cut out the individual squares. Teacher will monitor the class to give positive affirmation and provide feedback as necessary. Asking students content checking questions such as "what is this? What color is the desk?"

Matching Game (8-10 minutes) • To test students memory of the target vocabulary

Students will work in pairs. Placing all of their classroom object cards on the table facedown they must try to draw cards to make pairs. Teacher should model the target language. "This is a __desk___... This is/is not a __desk__". If students finish quickly they can reshuffle the cards and play again.

Writing Practice (As Time Allows) (5-6 minutes) • To provide students with practice writing and spelling the target vocabulary.

Students will write the name of the vocabulary item on the corresponding notecard. Depending on level the students may sound out the words for themselves or the teacher may write each word on the board for the students to copy.

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