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Teaching Practice 1
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson,students will learn about have and has got in both the negative and positive to describe personal possessions.They will also listen to audio about two people sally and bill and later answer questions about who has or hasn't got the items.materials like handouts and pictures will be used to relate to the topic and this will mostly be done in group or pair work.


Abc hand outs with pictures,an audio track R 2.3

Main Aims

  • to introduce and extend the students knowledge of basic adjectives their opposites and how to use them in sentences through the context os describind personal possessions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make students well versed with the english language.


warmer lead in (5-6 minutes) • to remind students about sally and bill from the previous lesson.

i will display a picture of sally and bill in the shop and ask them for their names.

Pre-Reading / Listening. (5-6 minutes) • to prepare students for the lesson.

showing students a picture of sally and bill and explain that they will be learning about sally and Bill's personal possessions.

detailed listening (5-7 minutes) • to provide students with more challenging detailed listening

i will have to make sentences out of the answers students gave me about the items belonging to sally and bill previously.

post listening (5-6 minutes) • to provide students with the opportunity of correcting the answers they previously gave about sally and bill.

students will check their previously given answers in pairs to check if they are correct or wrong and make ammends where necessary.

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