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Listening Lesson
B1 Intermediate level


In this lesson , the students will practise their listening skills in the context of a fairy tale. , they will do a matching task followed by a discussion task on the reading passage P.23 as a background. After that the students will describe a picture using some useful phrases. Then, they will put some sentences in the correct order while listening to the story. Finally, the students will check their answers to exercise 3 in groups.


Main Aims

  • To practice listening for gist, specific information and detail through the context of a fairy tale.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in speaking for fluency.


Lead In 1 Group discussions (3 minutes) • To introduce , generate interest and get the students ready for listening in the context of the fairy tale.

(Pair work) Ss discuss what fairy tales are and give some famous examples.On the board I will write Snow White and ask the students about it . Then, I will ask them to name some famous fairy tails .Step two will be followed in this stage if the students have difficulty with what fairy tales mean .

Matching (5 minutes) • To match the new words with the definitions

I select some key words from the reading text and give a handout . (pair work) Ss discuss the meanings and match the words with the definitions. Four students match the words on WB as a feedback.

Reading for specific information (7 minutes) • To familiarize Ss with the importance of fairy tales in dealing with some life problems.

Ss read a four – question handout on fairy tales , they read the text individually ,then discuss the answers in groups.

Lead In 2 Group discussions (5 minutes) • To give Ss a chance to practice the TL

Ss look at the picture on the board and talk as much as they can about it . Who are the people? where are they ? and what are they doing ? Then, they match the new words with their meanings .

Listening for Gist (15 minutes) • To practice listening for specific information and detail.

( Group work) Ss read the questions and guess what the correct answers are .Then, they read five sentences (hand out )and try to put them in the correct order as they appear in the listening .They listen Individually and Discuss the answers in groups..

Practice speaking (10 minutes) • To give Ss chance to practice the target language

Ss discuss the answers in groups then, check their answers with the other groups.

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