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Article a/an
Beginners (A1) level


In this lesson, students will get familiar with the indefinite article a/an. The reading text will engage the Ss in the topic and will set the context of the grammar.Clarification of MFP will follow up leading to the end of the lesson through some controlled and semi-controlled activities.


Abc HO1
Abc photo of a young man
Abc Two yellow cards
Abc HO2
Abc jumbled sentences
Abc "find someone who has..." form
Abc 4 pictures (flat, waiter, drama student, actor)
Abc Answer Key
Abc green cards

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice on both form and meaning of the article a/an

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan to set the context for the main aim


Lead-in (1-3 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage the Ss

Stick a photo of a young man on the WB. Talk with your partner for one minute and give three pieces of personal information about him.

Pre-teach vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning of the words flat, waiter, actor, drama student

Show pictures of the words "flat", "waiter", "actor", "drama student" Ask Ss CCQs: flat Is it a house? Is this in a city? waiter Does he work in bar? Does he work in a restaurant? Does he give food to the people? actor Does he work in the television? Does he make movies? drama student Is he a student? Is he going to school? What does he study? Is he study to be an actor? So he is a drama student

Gist reading of the text (2-4 minutes) • To skim the text and get a general idea about its topic

Give Ss the HO1 with the reading text. Ask the students to read the text and check with their partner if their personal information is the same with the one that the text provides. They have 1 minute for that ICQs: "Are you going to listen or read?" - "Read" ICQs: "What are you going to check?" - "The personal information" ICQs: "How many minutes do you have" - "1 minute" WC feedback follows up.

Specific reading of the text (3-5 minutes) • To scan the text and focus on specific information

Point to the students the 4 questions on the HO. 1) What does he have near the centre? 2) What's his job? 3) Where does he work part-time? 4) What does he want to be? Ask them to read carefully the text on their own for 2 or 3 minutes, find and underline the answers to these questions. They work individually. ICQs: "Are you going to listen or read?"- "Read" "How many questions do you have here?"- "4 questions" "Are you going to write or underline the answers?"- "Underline" "How much time do you have"- "2 or 3 minutes" Check in pairs and then WCFB While WCFB I write the answers on the WB: 1) He has a very small flat near the centre. 2) He's a waiter and also a drama student. 3) He works part-time in an Italian restaurant. 4) He wants to be an actor.

Clarification (5-10 minutes) • To provide the students with the M/F/P of the article a/an

The answers of the 4 questions are on the WB. Ask Ss CCQs to clarify the meaning of the article a/an "Does he have two flats?"-"No" "Does he have three flats?"-"No" "How many flats does he have?"-"One" "So, what does he have?"-"He has a flat" "Does he work in two restaurants?"-"No" "Does he work in three restaurants?-"No" "So where does he work in?"- "He works in a restaurant" "What's his job?"-"He's a waiter and a student" "What does he want to be?"- He wants to be an actor." I highlight the words that mean job in the sentences in order for the Ss to understand that we also use the article a/an before the words that mean job. If needed I will give more examples (i.e. I'm a teacher. You are a student. My husband is a doctor) When it comes to form I will start writing four sentences on the WB 1) She is a student. 2) He has a big house. 3) He is an actor. 4) He has an orange in his bag. Here I will stress the position of the article that we put it before nouns and adjectives and that we also use it before jobs. I will use markers of different colour for the article and the noun/adjective/job. Then I will point out that we use "a" before consonants and "an" before vowels. I will circle the starting vowel and consonant of the nouns using markers of a different colour. Also, I stick on the WB the two yellow cards with the article a/an on it and write a word next to it. If clarification is needed I will use some CCQs To clarify the meaning of the word “noun” CCQs: "Is it a thing?"-"Yes" "Is it a person?"-"Yes" "Is it a place?"-"Yes" To clarify the meaning of the word “vowel” CCQs: "Is “o” a vowel?"-"Yes" "Is “e” a vowel?"-"Yes" "Is “i” a vowel?"-"Yes" "Is “b” a vowel?" –"No" Then I will do some drills with the whole class to practice the pronunciation.

Controlled Practice (4-6 minutes) • To provide the students with an activity in order to practice the meaning and the form of the article a/an

Show the Ss the HO2. Instructions: "This is a text. You are going to read it and fill in the gaps with the article a or an. You work individually. You have 5 minutes" ISQs: "Are you going to read or listen?"-"Read" "Are you going to write a/an or I like/I don't like?-"a/an" "Are you working with your partner?"-"No" "How much time do you have?"-"5 minutes" For checking the Ss swap papers with their partner. Then invite Ss to the WB to write the answers.

Semi-controlled practice (5-8 minutes) • To give Ss the choice to use the TL in a freer activity

Divide Ss into 3 or 4 groups (according to the Ss' attendance). Give each group 10 jumbled sentences that include the article a/an. They have 5 or 7 minutes to put the words in order. ISQs: "Are you going to write or put the words in order?"-"Put the words in order" "How much time do you have"-"5 or 7 minutes" "Are you working alone?"-"No" For checking each group go to other group's desk and check their answer. Then provide the Ss with an Answer Key

Freer practice (5-8 minutes) • Give Ss the opportunity to use the article a/an in their own choices

Have in a small bag 20 pieces of paper with a word written on it. Each student takes one piece or two according to the number of students. Ask Ss to take a look at their papers and tell them that these are the thing that they have. Give Ss a form that says "Find someone who has.." In the first column of the form are the words that are written in the small pieces of papers (that the Ss have). In the second column, the Ss must fill in the name of the student that has this particular word. Ss move around the classroom. When they fill in the names, they have to form two full sentences using the article a/an, the name of the student and the noun (i.e. X has a computer.).They have 6-8 minutes. Whoever finishes first is the winner. I will do a demo to make sure Ss understand the activity. Task FB, Error-Correction

If-time extension (5-7 minutes) • Consolidation with extra activity

Board race game Divide Ss into groups. Ask Ss to give a name to their group. Draw two columns on the WB and stick two cards with an "a" and an "an" in the left column and another two cards with an "a" and an "an" in the right column. Tell Ss that I will say words and they will have to take off of the WB the correct article that goes with the word I say. They will have to be fast. The group with the correct answers wins the game. Do a demo to make sure they all understood the rules of the game. i.e. daughter Ss:" a daughter' actor Ss:"an actor"

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