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Teaching Practice No: 2 - (16 August 2013)
Pre-Intermediate - Level A2 level


This lesson will focus on "listening for comprehension" and "speaking for fluency". The first activity will be speaking exercise on groups. The students will be given a theme regarding meeting and dating a famous person in which they will elicit questions such as "why would you like to meet them?" and "what would you do (activies like dating) with them?". After the students will continue with the same theme and listen to a dialog about two couples. They will again be in groups and try to comprehend the dialog and answer certain questions regarding the dialogs. At the last section of the lesson, the students will be encouraged to discuss the question "How do you ask someone out?" and similar topics with their peers in small groups or pairs.


Abc Listening Dialog & Exercises
Abc Pictures of Famous People
Abc Cut-Out Masks of Famous People
Abc Pictures of Characters in the Listening

Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about Relationships in the context of dating

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of dating


Warmer / Lead-in (10-15 minutes) • To get the attention of the students in the class and engage in grouped speaking activities

The teacher will enter the lesson area with a dramatic entrance to get the attention of the students (about 2-3 minutes). A very-short roleplay about 3 famous faces (people) will be executed. After a short entertaining role-playing game, the students will guess the name of these characters and then the teacher will ask the students certain questions regarding these people, that he will post their pictures of, right after the roleplay section. The teacher will then connect the previous questions that he asked to the discussion theme "Which famous person would you like to have a date with? Why?", "Where would you go?" and "What will you do?". They will be discussing those question in a small group for about 10-12 minutes both with their group and the rest of the class.

Listening Stage & Exercises (10-15 minutes) • To encourage listening comprehension by doing gist listening and answering questions regarding the listening dialog.

At this stage, the students will listen to two dialogs regarding 4 people (2 couples/dates). At the first part, the students will be encouraged to gist listen in accordance to answering certain discussion questions (mentioned in the student book) in pairs. When the questions have been answered, they will be discussed with the class. At the second part of the listening exercise they will listen again to the same two dialogs for specific information which they will check in pairs again to answer specific questions. The answers to will be checked whether they are correct or not with the whole class and written on the board.

Post-Listening - Discussion Stage (10-15 minutes) • To encourage students to start a whole class discussion using fluent speaking.

After the listening stage has been completed and the exercises have been solved, the teacher will then ask a general debate question that has a similar theme to the previous activities: "What are the dating rules in your country (Turkey)?". This subject is an open subject and the teacher will encourage the students to do a open "fluent" speaking in groups then later with the whole class. Apart from dominant speakers, shy students will be encouraged to speak their opinions regarding the matter.

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