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In this lesson , students are going to be introduced to the second conditionals in the context of animals , the lesson will be continued with a speaking activity.


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Abc gap-filling task answer key
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the second conditional in the context of animals and unlikely situations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion in the context of animals


Lead in (3 minutes) • To set the context of animals

T provides the students with some photos of some animals and asks sts to choose the scariest one and share two reasons with partners for their choice. FB: Sts are nominated by the T to share their chosen animal and the reasons.

Highlighting the target language (3 minutes) • To highlight the target language by an underlining activity

T shows the reading text and reminds them of the animals and the unlikely situations and ask them to read it very quickly in order to underline words such as if , past simple verbs , and would . The time is set ( 1 minute) by the teacher . ICQ: will you read the text quickly ? yes will you underline if, past simple verbs and would ? yes FB : T nominates some sts from different groups to share their findings.

Clarification of the target language (10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning , form and the pronunciation of the second conditional

T shows a hand out and pinpoints the marker sentence then sts are asked to read it and answer a series of questions in groups . The handouts are distributed among sts ,the time is set ( 5 minutes) by the teacher . The answer key is provided by the teacher . T asks sts to do the rest of the handout in groups .T asks sts to do the function and the form part in groups. FB: T projects the handout on the board and asks sts to complete it on the whiteboard. T drills the marker sentence and marks the sentence's stress and the falling intonation of the sentence. T does some choral , individual and substitution drills . Note: T writes some words on the board and uses them for the substitution drills.

language practice (5 minutes) • To provide controlled practice of the target language

T shows a handout and instructs sts to to complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs and instructs them to do it individually .The time is set ( 3 minutes ) by the teacher. The handouts are distributed .T asks sts to check their answers in pairs before giving sts the handout. Note : T monitors in order to help with the possible questions . ICQ: Will you complete the sentences? yes will you use these verbs? yes will you do it alone or with a partner? alone FB: The answer key is provided at the back of the handout.

Language practice (8 minutes) • To provide semi-controlled practice in order to practice the target language

Each student is provided with a second conditional question on a colored slip of paper and they are asked to stand up ,find their teammates regarding the paper's color and ask their question from their partners.T makes the communication purposeful by asking them to choose the best answer for each question. Note: T monitors in order to do the hot error correction . ICQ: will you ask your questions from your partners? yes will you answer their questions? yes will you choose the best answer? yes

Language practice (10 minutes) • To provide oral practice of the second conditional through a speaking for fluency

T writes " If you could be an animal , what would you be? " on the board and asks sts to discuss their ideas in their groups , sts are asked to choose the funniest ideas in their groups . FB : In case there is enough time , sts are nominated by numbers so that they could find new teammates and give a report on the funniest idea in their group . In case of lack of time , T nominates some students from different groups to share their groups idea with the class. Note: T monitors and takes note of problems regarding the meaning , form and pronunciation.

Feedback (3 minutes) • To establish correct answer or deal with possible problems

T writes some of the mistakes on the board related to ( meaning , form , pronunciation) , and ask sts to correct the mistakes . T drills the correct form . Note : T uses another color in order to correct the mistakes or uses finger technique to show the contraction of subject and would .

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