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Practice of family vocab, possesive 's, have got/has got
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss will be practicing family vocab and the related grammar. Ss will be doing a semi-controlled activity in which they will be using, reading listening & speaking skills.


Abc Family Tree, fill in the names
Abc Worksheet A-B

Main Aims

  • ,Practice of family vocabi possesive's & have /has got

Subsidiary Aims

  • Integrated skills- reading, listening & speaking


İntroduction (1-3 minutes) • Aim is to find out if Ss understand the family relations on the family tree

I will be eliciting some family vocab to check if they understand the relations on the tree.

Fill the family names (10-15 minutes) • Aim is to get Ss to read İn TL and use that information to write down the family names.

At this stage, Ss will be divided into 2 groups and in PW within the groups they are going read the TL in order to fill in the blanks on the family tree, then they will be checking their answers with other pairs within their groups, upon completion an answer key will be provided for each group.

Eliciting usefull questions (5-10 minutes) • Aim is to introduce the next activity and eliciting usefull question forms for it.

The chairs will be arranged for the next activity then, questions such as "Who's ahmet's uncle? will be elicited as well as the checking question "has ahmet got two brothers?" and the answers for them will be elicited too. Then these questions and answers will be choral drilled in order to improve accuracy and fluency. A demo will take place in order to explain next activity. sentences and questions will be erased from the board

Ask & answer to fill in the names (10-12 minutes) • Aim is to get students to use their speaking and listening skills regarding TL,

Ss will be regrouped in pairs from both groups, sitting across each other and they will be asking and answering questions in order to fill the names that they are missing. While monitoring i will be making sure that they are using TL, taking notes of any significant mistakes commited. Then the Ss will check their answers within their group. I will ask a few questions to check the answers..

Delayed correction (2-5 minutes) • Aim is draw out Ss's most common mistakes and get Ss to correct them.

Notes taken during the 2nd pair work regarding Ss mistakes, will be written on the WB and Ss will correct them

Follow-up (5-6 minutes) • Aim is to get students to use TL in a productive activity

Students will be working in different pairs, they will be asked to form sentences about the family, true or false and the other student will decide if it is true or false.

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