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Name: Maliheh. 25 Mar 2016. TP2. Business cards and forms
Beginners level


This lesson will start by a brief revision of jobs and singular 'to be' at the very first minutes of the class. Subsequently, students will be able to read English business cards containing peoples names, jobs, phone numbers, addresses and emails while noticing the words in the cards whose initial letters need to appear in capital; this will be practiced by a couple of activities and games. The students will also fill in business forms that is specifically a hotel registration one in this lesson.


Abc f2f Starter WB, p 54-55, ex 1-6
Abc business cards images
Abc empty envelopes
Abc individual capital English alphabets in three different colors
Abc selected handout for Ss
Abc realia
Abc paper business cards
Abc peoples images

Main Aims

  • SKILLS: Reading and writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of language used for personal info in the context of business cards and forms


Warmer (3-4 minutes) • To set the context and grab the Ss' attention to the coming lesson

T will show the Ss a typical business card wallet by raising it and letting all see what it is. The Ss will automatically say sth like: "cards". If not T will ask: " for money? for photos?" which will be normally get the answer "no" from the students. Then, T will pose the open wallet as if everybody can see what there is inside it. T will take out some to make sure all Ss get the meaning. T will say "business card" a couple of times and mime to ask the Ss repeating two or three times chorally and individually as well.

Pre-reading (3-4 minutes) • mainly to review the jobs but also to set the context for the reading stage

T will stick the photos of different people with different jobs around the board in decent distance from each other for the students to stop by and check later. Ss will say the people's jobs, or for the known ones their names and jobs when T points to each. While pointing to Angelina, for instance,T asks: " a doctor?" Ss answer: " no, an actress. T will do the same for the other photos to make sure everybody realizes the jobs of people in photos.

Reading (7-10 minutes) • To familiarize the Ss with the info a business card usually presents and where to look for the job in a business card

T will show Ss the five papers, containing teacher-made or google searched business cards in order for them to guess what they are. Ss will say "business card". T will give each pair of Ss one paper business card and check that they are set in pairs. Responding the T's request, Ss will stand up, accompanied by their partners, to approach the already stuck people's photos around the wall, read the business paper cards together and stick them under the correct photo. T will ask " ok, Ali, you come to the board alone or with your partner?" S will reply:" with my partner". T will monitor and once they sit down will check. Then, T will group the Ss in three and give copies of the five paper business cards plus a copy of the nine (teacher-revised) sentences in ex 2 to each already set groups. Ss will read the info in each business card again and select the correct word out of two. T will model the first sentence by pointing to Seden and saying:" Seden is a musician". Ss will normally say:" no, she is a manager". T will set a time limit of 2 minutes to finish the exercise and raise their paper. Ss will work in their groups and T will monitor. After 2 min Ss will raise their papers and each will read one sentence with the correct answer.

Pre-writing (15-20 minutes) • To raise the Ss' awareness about the necessary capitalization

T will write " ted is from germany and i am turkish" on the board and ask a student to come to the board and correct the sentence concerning the capital letters. T will show a red paper to students and elicit the color "red". T will underline(with a red marker) the capital letters in the already stuck paper business cards around the board. Ss will notice that some specific letters are capitalized. T will ask the Ss to group in three and give each group 10 slips of paper. Ss will be then asked to write down the words in paper business cards which are or contain capital letters. T will model the activity by showing a slip with a word without any capital letters and ask "correct?"Ss will reply "no". Then, T will do the same but this time with a slip of paper containing a word with a capital letter; Ss will say :" yes or correct". Ss will do the task as required. Meanwhile, T will stick the envelopes signed as: addresses, titles, postcodes, nationalities, and companies in column along a side of the board vertically. Ss per group will divide the slips, with the words containing capital letters, among each other and go to the envelopes to put the right slips in the right envelope. After this class activity, T re-group the Ss to make them work with different partners for the following game-like task. T will model the task by writing a sample sentence with all words in small on the board. then T will take the capital letters and put them one by one on each mistaken small letter. T will ask: " what color is the board?" Ss will answer: " white". T will continue:" what color are my capitals?" Ss reply: "white". This will clarify what the students will need to do in the task as follows. T will put all the pre-made capital English alphabet, in three colors, on the teacher's table and mix them. Each group will receive a handout (p55, ex4) which has 7 sentences with capitalization mistakes. Ss of each group will go to the teacher's table to take one English capital letter, just the same color as their handout, to stick on the small counterpart letters on their paper. T will set a time limit of 5 and will make the activity a price-based one; the group that has done the task first will be invited to free tea by the other two groups in the break ;-)

Writing (5-6 minutes) • To help the Ss find out the required info from business cards in order to fill in a hotel registration tion form

T will give each S a sample business card (paper version) which is for Lucy Smith (f2f Starter WB p54 ex1)and the selected extact from the book (f2f Starter WB, p55, ex6). Ss will fill in the form by finding the relevant information from the business card. T will monitor and check. Then, T will encourage the Ss to fill in the form with their own personal info. T will monitor and help.

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