Ellen Hutchby Ellen Hutchby

Burmese traditional dance
All level


For the students to help me understand the dance and for us to teach them the english words for some of the moves.


Abc music
Abc longyi

Main Aims

  • To learn the vocabulary for the dance in English.
  • To be able to explain burmese traditional dance in English.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make sure that the lesson is engaging for the students.


Warmer/Lead-in (15-25 minutes) • To make sure they all have basic knowledge of the words we use in English.

To go through the basic dance moves we will need and for them to explain what we are doing in English. We will do the dance move as a group and also make sure that we are talking in English and they are explaining in English to me what they are doing.

Dancing (20-25 minutes) • To put the dance moves together

when we have gone through all the moves we will put them all together and have a go at doing them with the music.

final dance (8-10 minutes) • To go through it and it work well

To go through the dance one last time with the music and see hoe it works.

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