Teaching Practice 3
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, which focuses mainly on reading and listening, students face several tasks improving these two skills. The lesson starts with a Vocabulary task in which they think about a word with multiple-meanings that they already know, but probably haven't considered with all its meanings together. This is followed by a Reading and Listening task which provides a general knowledge quiz, so discussion of the answers also provides an opportunity for speaking, and also examples of the TL to be covered in the following lesson.


Abc Vocabulary and 'Reading and Listening' Handout

Main Aims

  • To give Ss' practice in reading and listening for a higher level of getting the specific details

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get the students think about words with multiple meanings that they already know, but haven't considered with all meanings together. Also, providing the opportunity for Ss' speaking.


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic

The T should think of a short warmer to get the Ss interested in the topic. An appropriate exercise may be the Ss start guessing facts about teacher, if a student makes a correct guess then the T says "You're right!" and if they make incorrect guess the T says "Sorry, you're wrong". The Ss then do this in pairs.

Vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • Consider the word with multiple meanings at the same time

This exercise gets the Ss thinking about the different meanings of the word "right". Ss could discuss these in pairs. EX 2 helps consolidate meaning-the T uses it as it is or prepares a chart as in the Wkbk Vocab 2a for the Ss to complete. Ex3 gives two short listenings to help the Ss consider the TL in context.

Reading (10-15 minutes) • Improving reading for specific information+opportunity for students speaking

ex1- this quiz should be done as a reading. Ss can either do the quiz on their own and then discuss their answers in pairs/groups, or work together on it to discuss their answers and then compare with other Ss. It's recommended that the T doesn't give the answers to this quiz

Listening/Specific information (10-15 minutes) • Diagnosing Specific Information+Opportunity for Ss speaking

The T uses the listening as an answer key for the quiz. Ss should listen, then discuss their answers- and then the T gives FB.

Listening/Detail (10-15 minutes) • Diagnosing the detail information+Opportunity for Ss speaking

The questions in ex3 come from listening. Ss will have heard them but probably not have listened to all details. Ss need time to discuss their answers together. Then they listen to the recording again to check. The T give the Ss time after listening to discuss and recheck their answers. After this, if they need to listen again the T replays the audio, if not, she just checks the answers.

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