TP #6 Serli Musosoglu ITI CELTA
Pre-Intermediate level


Ss will practice the target language that was learned in the previous lesson. They will practice past perfect through controlled and freer activities within the context of short stories.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of the Past Perfect Simple and its meaning together with the Past Simple & Continuous in the context of Short Stories

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of the meaning of the Past Perfect Simple


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To introduce the context

The T greets the ss and writes their name on the board if necessary. Then starts the lesson by telling a very true short story from the day before. "I am going to tell you a tru story from yesterday. I came to ITI yesterday. I prepared this lesson and then I left ITI around 2 pm. When I arrived home, my mom cooked meal. When I arrived home, my father was reading the newspaper. Everything was OK until I realized one thing- When I arrived home, I saw that I'd forgotten my lesson plan at ITI !" Hopefully ss will react :) Then they will be asked to make 3 sentenced true story from yesterday in groups including 2 actions happened one after the other, one action happened while the other one was happening and another two actions sentence, one action happened before the other (Past Perfect) and find one common action happened the day befıre if possible. The T monitors, notes down and mistakes within the target language and clarifies if necessary on the board.

Set-up (5-6 minutes) • To practice the pronunciation difference in conracted forms in the Past Perfect Sipmle.

The T drills the long and contracted form of had- I had I'd etc. Instructs the ss that a recording will be played and they will need to tick the number when they hear the contraction of had i.e. 'd Are we going to listen? Yes When will we tick, when we hear the short form or the long form? Short form The T then plays the recoding. Ss listen and tick. The T then asks which sentence has the short form of had? Ss answer, the T gives the answer key and drills.

Set-up (10 minutes) • To provide clarificaiton in the meaning of Past Perfect when used with different Past Tenses

The T writes the sample sentences from the short story in lead-in. When I arrived home, my mom cooked dinner. When I arrived home, my dad was reading the newspaper. When I arrived home, I realized that I'd forgotten my lesson plan at ITI! The T asks, when did all these actions happened? In the past. Which action happened when (asks for each sentence) 1 Past actions followed each other 2 Past Cont. an action in progress at a particular time in the past 3 Past Perfect- an action completed in the past before another action The T then instructs the ss that they will discuss the meaning of the sentences in their hand outs in pairs. They will be asked to underline the related past tese in the second section of the sentences and discuss the meaning. The T monitors and takes notes. The T then instructs the ss to match the meaning of the sentences from the options in the handouts. One option will be used twice! Ss work in pairs. The T writes the answers on the borad. The T monitors and notes related errors for FB stage. No 3 and 5 will d efinately be discussed during FB stage as the other ones were pretty clear in the example stage.

Practice activity (5-6 minutes) • To provide controlled practice to match the sentences

The T instructs the ss that they will be given a handout and that they will need to match the sentences in boxes A and B. Ss work individually for two minutes. Then pair check. Finally the T tells them that they will listen and check their answers.

Practice Activity (15 minutes) • To provide controlled practice to acquire the TL

The T introduces the new vocabulary to be seen in the activity. Grab Widow Disillusioned To barter Publisher Charity The T then divides the class into two groups, A and B, and pairs the ss in each group to put the short stories in order together. The T instructs the ss that they need to put the story in order. They should be careful about the beginnings and endings in each box, punctuation- full stop, comma etc. to help them put in order. Ss put the story in order and then they are provided with an answer key. The t asks the ss to read their stories again and then takes back the answer key. The T instructs the ss that they will tell their story to someone from the other group. Students get together and tell their stories. The T monitors and takes notes for FB sections.

Feedback (5 minutes) • Delayed correction for the errors made with the TL

The T highlights the error on the WB and asks ss what the problem is with the sentence. Correction will be done as necessary.

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