Mustafa Mustafa

Teaching Practice 1
upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, Students practice and develop their vocabulary through the medium of an extract called " Protect your identity with Cabott&Spencer". They will learn to use the correct preposition after some verbs and also they will put this in practice by asking questions to each other related to those verbs.


Abc Reading Text
Abc Fill in the blanks hand out
Abc Preposition cards

Main Aims

  • VOCABULARY : To review and practice common verb\preposition collocations ( cope with, apologise for)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practice in speaking for fluency.


getting familiar with the verbs (3-5 minutes) • to elicit students about the verbs

Get students to look at the highlighted words in text and elicit from students they are verbs. Check with students if there are any verbs they do not know e.g. cope\ insist\ provide

Exercise 4 (8-12 minutes) • To explain verb+plus combinations

Do number 1 as an example WC on the WB so students are clear what the lesson is about and what to do. In pairs students now complete ex. 4 and find the correct prepositions. To check their answers give students an answer key. Let them check then WC clarify with students a few anomalies

Controlled Written Practice (7-11 minutes) • to use the correct tende of the verb with the correct preposition after it.

In pairs students complete the questions with the correct form of the verbs and the correct prepositions. Do number 1 and 2 as an example WC. Elicit The answers from students then get them to do the task. Check the answers in WC FB

Semi-controlled Speaking Practice (7-10 minutes) • To speak what they learned

Mix the sts up so they are working with someone different or get them to mingle. They now ask and answer the questions. Get some FB, ask some students what they found out.

Find the prepositions game (7-10 minutes) • To practice their knowledge about verb+preposition combinations

Give out cards to students ( 2 or 3) and get them to write a preposition on each. On the board draw a grid and number the squares 1-9. Divide sts into 2 teams. A team chooses a number and then write a verb in the square e.g apologise. If they have a prep they can use with apologise they make a sentence and get a point.

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