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Teaching Practice 7
Elementary level


This lesson is about feelings and adverbs of manner. Ss are going to learn vocabularies related to their feelings and adverbs in a reading. Ss will learn about adverbs of manner and how to use them in grammar section.


Abc Grammar Rules
Abc Gap fill-out
Abc Speaking- Game
Abc Underline the correct word
Abc Reading task

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of Adverbs of manner in the context of Feelings

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a Dialogue Game in the context of Using adverbs of manner


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To get Ss attention and make them ready for the grammar

Teacher asks Ss to watch a video about adverbs. Teacher asks them to think and guess -which kind of adverb is new for them? -what is the name of it? They can also sing with the song and it is also a review on adverbs of frequently and time.

Grammar-Adverbs of manner (7-10 minutes) • To teach Ss adverbs of manner

Teacher writes 2 sentences on the board and tries to elicit the grammar rules from Ss. 1. Bill Clinton cried quietly. 2. The football team played well. Thing teacher needs to elicit: Adverbs of manner tell us how something is done They usually go at the end of the sentences we usually add -ly to the adj * adj that change: -y ---> -ily * adj that they do not change *good-well After eliciting teacher gives a grammar rule handout to Ss.

Grammar practice (3-4 minutes) • To ask Ss to find adverbs of manner

Teacher asks Ss to look at their reading handout and try to find the adverbs of manner in that reading. teacher can put the reading on the board too. Teacher asks Ss to come to the board and underline their answers. easily line 2 quietly line 9 well line 19

Grammar (5-7 minutes) • Controlled practice

Teacher tells Ss that they are going to complete the gaps in the sentences using the correct form of the words. ICQs: Are you using the words in brackets? yes Do you need to change them to adverbs? yes Ss will complete the task and then teacher asks them to work in pairs and check their answers then teacher asks Ss to come to the board and write their answers. Give FB if needed.

Grammar (4-5 minutes) • For further practice

Teacher regroups the Ss and then asks them to underline the correct word. ICQs: Will you underline the correct word? yes Do we use an adverb after a verb? yes They can check their answers with their new partner and then teacher asks Ss to tell him/her the correct answer. Give FB if needed.

Speaking (7-10 minutes) • Ss can have a freer practice on this lesson

Teacher shows Ss a game activity and asks them to try to complete the first column about themselves using adverbs of manner. Then they have to guess about their partner and complete the chart. after that they have to ask questions from each other to find out if they guesses are right. ICQs: Will you answer it with your partner? no Will you ask any questions from your partner? no Do you have to work alone? yes They can also count how many right guesses they had.

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