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Days of the week. TP1-2
Beginner level


In this lesson students will learn about days of the week. They will learn vocabulary in the context of school. They will refresh some nationalities vocabulary and take part in their first receptive skills exercises (both reading and listening).


Abc Reading HO
Abc Listening Text.

Main Aims

  • Reading and listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Verb to be, nationalities vocabulary and days of the week.


Days of the week. (8-10 minutes) • Introduce days of the week vocabulary, pronunciation and drilling.

Write the first letters of the days of the week vertically on the board in lower case. Ask the students what day it is today. It will be friday so fill in the rest of the letters next to the f for Friday. Ask Ss to identify my mistake with lower case lettering. Explain that days of the week have CAPITAL letter at the beginning. Use my name as an example rob > Rob. Tell Ss to work in PW and discuss what the others might be. They may already know if so continue to spelling out days to me. Ask Ss to spell then pronounce each day giving particular attention to the more difficult days.

Pre teach school vocabulary. (9-11 minutes) • Provide Ss with vocabulary needed for reading and listening texts. Get Ss to use sentences with verb to be.

Write, "I am a...." on WB, elicit the word 'teacher'. 'You are...." - elicit word 'students'. Where do teachers and students work? Elicit word, 'school'. Write the word, 'School' and circle in centre of WB. Ask Ss to think of as many words as they can about schools in groups of 3. (2-3 mins). Monitor Encourage Ss to provide answers in form of sentences including the verb to be. Try to elicit the words, 'head/principle/director' (drilling) 'cafeteria' (drilling)

Reading for gist / reading for detail. (10-12 minutes) • Ss to gain a global understanding of text. / Ss to gain detailed understanding of text.

Chest text from power position ensure they can not read the script. Pass HO to Ss tell them not to look. ICQ Tell Ss that they will only have one minute to read text. ICQ Do not look until I say start. ICQ Allow Ss to read. Stop class after one minute. Ask WC, "What is UNIS?" "Where is UNIS?" Reading for detail Allow Ss to read text again while they do write questions on WB, Where are the school teachers from? How many days a week is UNIS open for? What days of the week is UNIS open? Get Ss to discuss in pairs. Check the group has the answers.

Vocabulary refresh (nationalities) (5-7 minutes) • Refresh Ss nationality vocabulary before listening text.

Chest HO Divide class into 3 groups and explain that they should work together to write the nationalities of the counties on HO ICQ Monitor Error correction if needed on WB

Listening for gist / Listening for detail. (10-12 minutes) • Ss to gain a global understanding of text. / Ss to gain detailed understanding of text.

Listening for gist. Chest HO. Explain that when I give students HO they should fold HO in half. ICQ Demo task verbally by giving examples. ICQ Play track 53. Let Ss check answers with S next to them. Listening for detail. Explain that S needs to match an answer to the question. Give S one answer as an example. ICQ Get S to check answers in the groups they were in for previous stage.

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