Jens Jens

Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will be introduced to the passive voice with an activity describing changes from the past, eliciting MF through models, google doc activities, and writing a short story.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for the passive voice

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing and speaking practice using the passive voice.


Lead in (5 minutes) • To have students start using the passive form unknowingly.

Display the slide and have students answer the question. Write down students' responses and pick examples of passive voice used to have students identify passive voice.

Meaning/Form (10 minutes) • to clarify TL

Provide Ss examples of active and passive and have them identify the difference by eliciting. Elicit samples of different tenses from the example. Elicit and explain when and why the passive voice is used. Quiz the Ss by having them identify the subject/verb and determine if the example is active or passive.

Google form #1 (5 minutes) • to gauge students understanding of the passive voice

Provide Ss link to form #1 and have them identify the sentences using the passive voice.

Google form #2 (10 minutes) • To have students rewrite active voice to passive

Provide a link to google form #2 and have students answer each question by changing the provided active voice sentence to a passive voice sentence. If time allows, have peer feedback by having Ss in breakout rooms to correct any mistakes before OCFB.

speaking practice (10 minutes) • To have students use the passive voice in a short story

In breakout rooms, have Ss give a short news story using the passive voice. Provide students with a few ideas of stories but allow them to create anything. Have Ss use at least 5 sentences using the passive voice. If time allows, have a student share their story with the class.

Feedback/DEC (5 minutes) • Delayed Error Correction

Give students feedback on language usage monitored during class.

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