Raed Khater Raed Khater

Pre-Intermediate level


Abc ex. 2p. 32
Abc Straightforward Pre-Intr. p. 32-33
Abc Audio 1.27

Main Aims

  • To practice listening to people giving directions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce and practice using vocabulary related to city facilities


Lead in (3-4 minutes) • to introduce and practice vocabulary related to city facilities

T. Ss a question to arise their interest about the topic: How do I go to the Metro station from here? Can you give me directions to the Metro station? Ss answer individually.

Pre- Teach (13-14 minutes) • to introduce and practice vocabulary related to city facilities and Prepositions of direction

T. shows a map for a city. T. asks Ss to talk to each other and determine whether this is Istanbul ir another city. Ss guess the name of the city T. explains the task : Ss need to label the places on the map Ss work in 2 big groups and have to label 6 places on the map T. check answers SS identify the picture in the slideshow T. corrects pronunciation Ss label words for directions on a worksheet Ss work in groups of 4 Ss compare answers and T. correct mistakes Ss do ex. 2p. 32 in pairs Ss compare there answers with mates other than their partners

Prediction (4-5 minutes) • TO encourage Ss to think about the content in the listening material

Ss look at the Picture of the station. T. asks Ss questions: Where are they? Are the three women related to each other? Why are they in the station?Do you think the 2 men know the women? Why are the 2 men are wearing the same scarf? What do you think is happening?

Listen for gist (4-5 minutes) • TO encourage Ss to get an overview of the listening material

T. asks Ss to listen and tell what theses people are doing. T. plays the recording 1.27 Ss discuss their answers before they decide. T. elicits answers from different Ss

Listen for specific information (6-7 minutes) • To scan the listening material to find specific information

T. refers Ss to page 33 in the SB and decide which the correct answer is while the are listening T. plays the recording again and Ss answer Ss work in pairs T. asks Ss to follow Mary's directions on the map in their books page 32

Listening for inference (3-4 minutes) • To infer a possible fact from the listening

T. asks Ss to discuss whether Mary gave the right directions to the man. Why do you think so? Ss feedback for inferences

Speaking (5-6 minutes) • To use direction words to give direction to someone

Ss speak in groups to show peers how to get to a certain place in Istanbul T. monitors Ss and record notes about their pronunciation problems for delayed correction and future lesson planning

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