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Oliver TP2 Talking about future plans
Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson the Ss will learn grammar points related to future plans. During the lesson they will, through GD, consolidate their understanding of the usage of the future in the context of plans. They will be given various exercises through HO’s. There will also be some listening exercises to further develop their understanding of how to talk about future plans.


Abc Whiteboard, projector, laptop
Abc Reading passage for indentifying future structures
Abc Flashcards for grouping

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the usage of future when making plans

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss with a chance to practice the learned grammar point though listening and some pronunciation


Warm-up (5-6 minutes) • Get Ss to focus on the upcoming topic. Regrouping. Get them to think about future plans.

Initiate the conversation with how the CELTA classes are tiring and how much you are looking forward to the weekend. Give examples of activities you plan to do on the weekend using the target grammar structures. Ex. I’m going to spend time with my family. We are going to go to Konak and have lunch together. We might see a movie in the afternoon, etc. After this lead-in pair them up using flashcards that contain one noun each (chair/table, fork/knife, door/window, pencil/eraser, car/driver). While they are pairing up, write the question "What are your plans for the weekend?" on the board. Ask Ss to hold similar conversations for 3 minutes. Ask a few random Ss about their partners' plans for the weekend in W/C F/B.

Understanding grammar for future plans (5-6 minutes) • Have Ss through a HO discover the rules for future plans

Explain HO about future plans. Project HO and do the first example with Ss Distribute HO and have Ss discuss and complete it as P/W. Monitor to see if Ss can comprehend rules part. When finished, have Ss come to board to fill out the blanks and identify structure in projected text. Pointing out the difference between rule 1 and rule 2 might be needed.

Drilling the given grammatical structure (marker sentence) (5-6 minutes) • To drill one example sentence to increase fluency and enhance pronunciation of the taught structures

Write the following sentence on board: I am watching a movie this weekend. Draw attention to the fact that you didn’t write ‘going to watch’ because you not only have a plan for the weekend but also the tickets (prearrangement are done). Drill sentence using backchaining Have Ss discuss as P/W one future plan sentence to which they have made arrangements and need to use the present continuous to express future plans. Elicit sentences

Identifying structures in given text (7-9 minutes) • Practice the structures by identifying them in the text taught previously

Draw attention of Ss back to the text of previous class by holding up the typed in form of a HO Explain that they are going to find examples of structures practiced in the previous exercise Project the first paragraph of text on the board do one together with Ss O/C F/B Distribute HO (Life on planet teen SB P32-33) and have Ss identify future structures. Ask them to work solo. Give 3 minutes When finished ask Ss to work in pair so compare their results. Finally have Ss come and underline the structures in projected text using different colors if possible.

Further practice with more exercises from SB (12-14 minutes) • Give students a chance for deeper understanding of the taught structures with more difficult exercises.

Show HO for this activity part 1 and give instructions. Check if understood. Project the first exercise (SB P133 3.1 part1). Do it with students W/C Ask Ss to fold HO after receiving it because the second activity is on the same HO Distribute HO give Ss 3 minutes and ask them to do it solo When finished ask Ss to work in pair so compare their results. Finally elicit one answer from each pair until finished Move to second part. Explain task, project part 2 and ask Ss to look at the first example. Do it with students W/C Give Ss 5 minutes and ask them to do it solo When finished ask Ss to work in pair so compare their results. Again elicit one answer from each pair until finished

Optional Stage Audio listening with emphasis on pronunciation (5-6 minutes) • Give chance to students to listen and identify future structures and learn the pronunciation of ‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’

Tell Ss that they are going to listen to a recording and fill out the blanks. Distribute HO play recording and give Ss time between sentences to fill out. Ss work solo. Play again if needed. After checking answers tell Ss that you are going to play it again and ask them to pay attention to changing ‘going to’ to ‘gonna’. Have Ss read sentences from audio HO with ‘gonna’ instead of ‘going to’

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