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Choose and buy things."this and these"
Beginners level


In this lesson, students learn about pronoun "this and these" through listening activity. I will pre-teach the word "carpet" and probably "********plates" Then the ss listen for gist and match the pictures in the first activity. In the second stage, ss listen for detail and write the words "this or these in the blanks. MFP stage, filling in the blanks with "look at these books & I like these books and then practice speaking with questions and answers.


Abc Listening. CD 1.89
Abc 1 activity sheets

Main Aims

  • To provide of Pronoun "this and these" in the context of Shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a p-w and g-w in the context of shopping


pre reaching (2-3 minutes) • to introduce them to a the word"carpet"

I will pre- teach the word "carpet" by showing a picture of a room with a carpet and a few furniture. I will give them a minute to come up with the words that I want to hear in this case "carpet".

listening (5-6 minutes) • listening for gist

***T demonstrates HO showing that the ss listen and match the picures with number as they hear. **HO T monitors. T uses OHP. Then asks the ss to write on the board.

listening for detail (5-7 minutes) • to listen to identify "this nad these"

T demonstrates to students to listen and fill in the blanks as they hear. T plays the CD again. The ss listen for detail, in this case, they listen to hear "this and these" and fill in the blanks while listening. T asks them to check the answer from their partner and then she projects on OHP and asks 4 students to write on the Wb. T takes whole class FB.

MFP (11-13 minutes) • singular and plural using this and these

Meaning: (Use this and these for things near you). **Write the target language on the WB. T shows realia such as a book, a pen and a bag T elicits from ss and ** writes the TL on WB "I like this bag" (singular)=1 Look at this carpet. I like this book. (-) I don't like this book. Look at this book. (-) I don't like this book I like this plate. Look at this plate. ***T asks ss to talk to their partner using "this" , such as " I like this shirt, I like this photo, Look at this chair & I don't like this colour ** Telicits from ss and writes the Target Language on the WB ** these /ðiːz/ ** T shows realia of pens and asks the students T elicits (these) plural =2,3,4,5,...... . I like these bags. Look at these carpets. I like these plates. (-) I don't like these plates I like these lamps (-) I don't like thse lamps I like these pens I like these pencils Look at these pens T lets the ss to speak to their partner T monitots T asks Whad did your friend say? let 1 or 2 ss to write on the WB CCQ T shows a pen and says xxI like these pen? No. I like these pens (We also use " this" to introduce people. This my student ***********Pick up a student's name and say This is -------- These are my friends To introduce ourselves on the phone Hello, this is ------ Do we say---------------- xxx these pen? xxx xx this pens xx) Write on the board xx this pens xx xx these pen xx Form analysis "use this +singular nouns, We can use this, these before a noun or alone. How much is this pen? What's this book? What's this? these + plural nouns How much are these shoes? what are these? choose an example from the students to write the form analysis. T asks a few ss to come to the board and write what they like using" I like this book". I like these plates. also write negative(-) (-)"I don't like this pen". (-)"I don't like these shoes." **pronunciation this /ðɪs/ I like this carpet /aɪ//laɪk/ /ðɪs/ /ˈkɑː.pɪt/ these /ðiːz I like these carpets /aɪ/laɪk/ /ðiːz//ˈkɑː.pɪtz/ use backchaining for pronunciation. focus on "this and these" and drill on pronunciation.

controlled practice (5-6 minutes) • to prepare students for meaningful practice

T chests HO and demonstrate to do the activity. T demonstrate the example.(actitvity sheet 3) Look at these lamps. ------- I like this pen ----- *T gives 4minutes for the activity. ** T HO the activity sheet. * Monitor for any problems to address during feedback. after 5 minutes T asks the ss to check the answer with their partner. Project the answer and ask ss to mark on the WB. Get Wc fb

speaking (4-5 minutes) • to let the ss speak

Introduce the ss to real-life situations. They are in a store and interested in knowing the prize and size of various items. Ask the price: How much is this coat? This is 200 tl How much are these shoes? These are 150 tl. How much are these cups? These cups are 15 tl. Drill them. Drill them for asking questions. How much are these? monitor for accuracy and pronunciation T takes WC FB

freer practice (3-5 minutes) • let the students practice speaking

T divides the group into 4. Assign each group a shop. shoe shop, book store, cloth store and vegetable shop. ask them to practice "how much are these? How much is this? Monitor and correct error on the spot. **If there is time 1.How much is this plate? (a) They're 40 tl each 2.How much are these cups? (b) It's large 3.What size is this coat? (c) It's 200 tl T lets the ss practice

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