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Future predictions
Intermediate level


In this lesson students are going to learn about how to make predictions about future and when to use will and going to


Abc Visuals related to football match,handout from Straight forward book page 59

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Future tense in the context of Football march

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in the context of Predicting five things about their partner


Previous listening reminder (2 minutes) • Lead-in

Asking the students about yesterday’s listening:Do you remember the audio you heard yesterday?where did the boy want to go with his mother?Why did they want to go there?

Football match visuals (12 minutes) • Setting the context

Making transition by showing them pictures about football match in Madrid, first set of pictures are about things that have evidence and they can be predicted by seeing evidence and second set are just predictions without any evidence. The board will be in 2 parts of what the boy has found on internet about the match and the other one what does he think will happen in the match, the students have to make sentences by seeing the pictures, when all of the sentences are made they can see that there is difference between the two parts and I will elicit it from them by asking what should we use for predictions that we can see and have evidence? What should we use for predictions that we don’t have evidence? Then CCQ s: Is it obvious that the match is going to be crowded? Is he sure that Ramos is going to be the captain? Does the weather forecast says it’s going to be rainy or he just feels it? Can he be 100% sure that Real Madrid will win? Is there any evidence that Suarez will get a red card? Does he just think finding a taxi is hard? After meaning is clarified I will highlight the form on the board and emphasize on bare infinitive form of the verb. Then I will model the pronunciation and ask them to repeat for 2 or 3 times.

Handouts from work book (7 minutes) • Practice

They learn about will and going to in the previous stage now they will do a gap fill-in activity so they can practice the form.I give them instructions, give them time to write, monitor them while they’re writing, after they finish they check the answers in pairs, getting feedback by asking them to read their answers.

Predictions about pictures (6 minutes) • Practice

I will give them instructions by saying look at the pictures,with your partner make two different predictions about what is going to happen next. When they finish I will ask for feedbacks and ask other students about wether they agree or not about each pair’s predictions.

Listening (3 minutes) • Checking the previous activity

I will thell them now that you have predicted let’s check and see if your predictions were true. They will listen and then I will ask them wether it was like their prediction or no.

Predictions about their partner (13 minutes) • Discussion

I will tell them to get in pairs and they have to make prediction about 5 things which is written in the handouts.while they are talking to each other I will monitor them and after they finish I ask for feedbacks and then I will correct their mistakes.

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