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Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will be focusing mainly on their receptive skills of reading and the output of this class will be a productive skills practice with a mix between writing and speaking. The context of this lesson is about the idea of a perfect day and where would people wish to travel.


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Main Aims

  • To provide the students a reciptive skills reading practice using a text about an emaginry perfect day. We will do this through practices that focuses on reading for gist, scanning and reading for details.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide productive skills practices of both writing and speaking
  • To provide clerification and usage of some vocabulary.


Lead-in • To set the context for the lesson and engage SS

T greets SS T shows them on the OHP some pictures of major cities around the world T opens a discussion with SS and asks them where have they travelled before? and if they haven't, where would they wish to go? T then asks SS if they had one day only, to travel anywhere and do what ever they want. what would they do?

Pre-teaching vocabulary • To clarify some words that might prevent the SS from understanding the text

T hands the SS a matching exercise that focuses on the words (shattered, amusement, innovation, luxurious and adrenalin) with their meanings. T will ask SS to check their answers in pairs. T will show the right answers, and check if the SS got it right or not? to check their understanding T will ask some CCQ's: Shattered: Is the glass broken? Yes Is it broken in two pieces? Amusement Are you working? No Are you having fun? Yes Innovation Can it be done by one person? Yes. Is it an old idea? No. Luxurious Is it something comfortable? Yes Is it cheap? No Adrenalin Does it come when you are relaxed? No Does it make your heart beat fast? Yes T will then do some drilling

Reading Exercise #1 • To provide SS with a reading for gist excerside to get the main idea of the text

T will handout the text for the SS and give them a minute to skim read it. T will give them a yes or no exercise to test if they managed to get the main idea's SS will check answers in pairs T will then ask them to check the answers from the back of their handouts

Reading Excercise #2 • To provide SS with a scanning and reading for details exercise

T will give the SS 10 minutes to read the full text T will handout SS an exercise asking for specific information about the text T will check SS answers and discuss it with them

Post Reading ( Writing ) Excercise • The aim is give a free practice space for SS to express thier idea's

T will do a free writing exercise Each SS will be given a handout with a specific time of the day ( sunrise, morning, lunch, sunset and night) T will ask SS to write a detailed paragraph asking them ( use your imagination, if you can travel any where, if you can do what every you want, what will you do? )

Post Reading ( Fluency ) Excercise • The aim is give a free practice space for SS to express thier idea's through speaking and discussion

T will ask SS to exchange their papers from the previous writing exercise. T will point out to SS that now we have our WC perfect day and ask each one to read what his college has written starting from morning to mid night. T will ask SS to discuss the final perfect day and what they think they can do to make it better.

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