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Tp2/ All about you/ Grammar practice
Beginners level


In this lesson, students will listen and fill in a profile card for two people. And then , students will use the information they listened to to form yes/no questions and answer them shortly. Wh-questions about personal information will be slightly highlighted to get the students familiar with all types of questions related to personal information.


Abc New Headway 4th Edition Beginner, Oxford University Press, unit 2, page 12

Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, students should be able to ask and shortly answer yes/no questions using verb "to be"

Subsidiary Aims

  • * Students should be able to listen for detailed information and fill in a profile card.


Lead in (10-12 minutes) • To set up lesson context and get the students engaged in my lesson.

T: Greeting the students. T: Showing the students Diego's picture and Eliciting information by asking questions like; 1. Look at this picture and tell me is this a man or a woman? 2. What's his name? 3. Where's he? 4. Is this his car? 5. What's his job? Ss: Answering the previous questions shortly while the picture is hung on the board. T: Showing the students Grace's picture and asking the same set of the previous questions. Ss: Answering questions about Grace.

Listening for details (12-15 minutes) • To listen and fill in a profile card with personal information

T: Chesting the HO and asking students to fold it out (Showing them how to do so). Then asking the students to read the information on the HO individually. T: Asking ICQs like; "Are you reading or writing information?" Ss: Reading the information silently. T: Checking by asking questions about the information which is already there like, what's his name? Where is he from? Ss: Answering questions T: Asking students to listen to the interview with Diego and write the missing information on the HO. (followed by ICQs like; Are you writing everything?/ are you writing his name?) Ss: Listening and writing. Ss: Checking answers in pairs T: Having a WC feedback by asking Wh-questions like; What's his city?/what's his phone number etc... T: Asking students to unfold the HO and applying the same previous procedures on Grace's interview.

Controlled practice (7-10 minutes) • To answer yes/no questions with the correct response.

T: Dividing the class in to two mixed-ability groups and arranging the seats to suit the exercise. T: Giving each group a set of questions and answers and asking them to match them based on the information they listened to. (ICQs can be like are you writing anything?/ are you working alone?) Ss: (When they finish) the two groups will be checking each others' work T: Giving a WC feedback by asking one group to pin questions and answers about Diego on the board and the other group to pin questions about Grace on the board.

Find someone who .... activity (6-8 minutes) • to practice speaking about personal information

T: Giving the students instructions on how to do the activity. After that to distribute profile cards on half number of students and giving the other half the questionnaire to fill. Ss: Start the activity by asking questions based on the questionnaire they have and then they change turns. T: Monitoring and providing feedback or error correction when necessary.

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