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Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about the use of so/such through guided discovery based on a listening text about Sylvia . The lesson starts with a prediction of what changed Sylvia's life,followed by listening to the actual conversation. Students will be exposed to the use of so/such and will practice using them by answering the given activities. Finally there is some free practice via a final speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in using so/such in telling their own story (making their stories more interesting and dramatic

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice in listening (for specific information) and the use of some vocabulary


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Teacher shows students a picture of Sylvia and asks them to listen to CD and answer 3 questions. Teacher hands over the HO and asks students to discuss answers in pairs then check as class.

Test #1 (4-6 minutes) • To test students understanding of the use of/ so/ and/ such/before explaining it.

Teacher writes (q2a) on the white board and students work in pairs to try and answer the given questions .Then teacher checks questions with whole of class.

Teach (8-10 minutes) • To clarify areas of the use of so & such where students had difficulty in the first test stage

Teacher writes form on board (without so/such) and asks students to listen to the CD again and notice which word (so or such) is followed by: + Adjective/Adverb / or + a + Adjective + Noun then check in pairs. Teacher models the sentences 3,4 showing stress and does some drilling.

Test #2 (7-9 minutes) • Check that students use so &such correctly and compare with the first test

Teacher regroups the students in groups of 3 and asks them to answer the questions in the HO by putting so/such in the correct place .Then the teachers answers with the whole of the class.

Controlled practice (5-7 minutes) • To provide students with practice in using so/such in written sentences

T gives Ss the HO with Q4 and they answer in groups of three .T monitors then listens to answers from different groups.

Free practice (5-8 minutes) • To give Ss opportunity to practice the target language in their own story

In groups of three T asks Ss to prepare telling a story about something that changed their lives using so/such .T monitors during their discussion then gives them FB.

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