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Listening & Vocabulary
Intermediate/B1 level


In this lesson, T helps Ss to improve their listening skills and provides clarification of words within the context of spies/agents. In this receptive skill lesson, Ss will discuss and brainstorm about what do they know about spies and agents. Ss will work on the meaning of the words by matching the words with their meaning and pictures. Afterwards they practice more by using these words via a filling the blanks task. This task as well will act as an introduction to the listening topic.Both of the vocabulary tasks are parts of the pre-listening stage. Towards the middle of the lesson Ss will work on some phares about the audio they are about to listen. Ss will connect the phrases with each of the method given. Finally, Ss will listen the audio which is an interview with a historian called Dr Paul Maddell. There will be two while-reading tasks and one post-reading task of discussion.


Main Aims

  • To provide specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about a secret service in the context of the electronic equipments used by spies/agents and the surveillance methods.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the electronic equipments which are used by spies/agents/secret services and some surveillance methods.


Lead-in (Looking at picture&photos, brainstorming, discussion) (10 minutes) • To introduce the context of the lesson with a communicative activity based around the topic of being a spy.

- After "Good morning, hello" to everyone; T asks the Ss to look at the first and the second page of the PPT to engage the Ss in the topic. "I am a teacher, but I've always wanted to have a more exciting job." (1st page of the PPT. My photos as a teacher) "I wish I was a .....?" T lets Ss to guess the job. (2nd page of the PPT. My mock spy photos.) - Then T asks the SS who wants to be a spy? Is there anyone in the class who always wish to be a spy? "Have you ever wished to be a spy? Raise your hand if your answer is YES." - According to that T seperates the whole class into two groups. The ones who want to be will be the group "Team Spy" and the ones who say NO will be the group "Team Enemy". - Then T opens the 3rd page of the PPT and lets Ss to look at the movie posters whether they know the name of the movies or whether they have watched them or not. "What kind of movies are they?" - Afterwards, in their groups Ss will discuss these questions in the next PPT page: What do you know about spies? Who do they work for? What activities do they do? Why do they do those things? How `real` do you think they are? -

Vocabulary Builder -1- (Pre-listening Activity) (5 minutes) • To elicit the meaning & form & pronounciation of the electronic equipments used by spies/agents.

- T hands out the words of electronic equipments and their connection written in different papers to Ss to match them in pairs this time. Then they will check their matching with the other pairs in their groups. - One studendt from each pair comes to the WB to match the word with the image of it as well. T elicits the words with CCQs when necessary. Then as a whole class Ss will check and drill the words. CCQs

Vocabulary Builder -2- (Pre-listening Activity) (5 minutes) • To fill in the blanks of the short text with the words defined via the previous exercise

- Then T takes the papers of words from the WB and open the next page on PPT. - Ss will fill the blanks in the text with the 5 word labels they have just taken back from the WB. - This time T lets other Ss in the pairs to put the right word into the blanks. - Ss will check their answers from the WB.

While-listening Task 1 (Phrases) (10 minutes) • To listen the audio in order to pick out specific phrases (Gist listening for the overall impression of the context)

- First of all, teacher asks the Ss if they know the meaning of "surveillance". If the answer is NO, T will elicit the word with CCQs and work on the pronounciation of it as well. CCQs - Ss will check the meaning of the phrases in the box in pairs. These are some surveillance methods. They will try to connect the each word with the methods. - T gives the instructions for the first listening and set the task. Ss will listen an interview with Dr Paul Maddrell about the Stasi. They will get some information about Dr and the Stasi (secret service in Germany) from the next page on PPT. T lets Ss read them. - T pauses the audio after the first method is mentioned to give confidence and clear instructions to the Ss. - T asks Ss to tell the surveillance methods that he Dr mentions in the interview in their numbers. "Tell me which numbers are mentioned in the interview?" - Ss will tell which of them are mentioned and the WC check their answers.

While-listening Task 2 (True or False Task) (10 minutes) • To listen for detailed comprehension

- T lets Ss to read the sentences on the next page of the PPT and listen the interview once more to decide whether they are True or False. They should write the answers on their notebook. , - If needed, Ss wil listen again and T writes the answers on the WB when the audio is playing. - T asks if there's any wrong answers, why and let other Ss to explain the reason.

Post-listening Task (personolisation) (5 minutes) • To draw the lesson into conclusion

- T asks the Ss: "Has anyone changed their mind and wants to be spy in a secret service like The Stasi or like in the Hollywood movies?" - T lets Ss discuss in their groups.

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