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weekend city break
Beginners, A1 level


In this lesson, students are going to learn some words about cities in a city. it will be then linked to a reading part about weekend break.


Abc matching cards

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, detailed and scan reading practice using a text about weekend break

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review and clarification of places in a cıty in the context of weekend break


Lead-in/ warmer (2-3 minutes) • to familiarize ss with the topic

T introduces herself and mentions the fact that she is foreigner and she has no plans for the upcoming holiday. she brainstorms places the SS mention .

Testing their vocabulary Knowledge (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students to places in town vocabularies.

T puts the the SS in groups of three and gives them a set of cards and the names. SS are then asked to match the pictures and names. to make it more kinesthetics, SS can stick the matched cards on the wall. SS do the peer checking to see if their answers are the same or different from the others. T monitors and decides which vocabularies might be new form them.

Teaching the new vocabularies (4-6 minutes) • To clarify the meaning and focusing on the stress pattern/pronunciation

T shows the pictures and elicits the words. while sticking the pictures on the board, she follows ECDW. LA paper sheet for CCQs and Pronunciation is available.

Test # 2 (3-5 minutes) • To practice the TL in a controlled practice

T hands the crossword puzzle to each student and asks them to complete it in 2 minutes. Anticipated Problem : SS might not know what across/cross means. Solution: T writes them on the board and clarifies their meaning. ICQs: alone or with partner? write or speak? how much time? FB: peer check and the T writes the correct answers on the board and asks SS to final check them .( Across, 2: church,4: river, 6: castle, 8: park/ Down,1: museum, 3: bridge, 5: hotel, 7: airport.) T then pairs the Ss asks them to talk about their favorite place they like to go on holiday. ICQs: speak or write? My holiday or your holiday? FB: T asks SS to report to class where they like to go on holiday.(1,2 SS)

pre-reading task (3-5 minutes) • To get ss predict about the reading

T elicits which countries where they`d like to go and elicits "Spain" and "Prague" on the board. T regroups the SS based on numbers and asks them which places they can find in each country. she might introduce using there is/ there are as well. ICQs: speaking or writing? in groups or alone? how much time? about which countries? FB: WCFB , T writes the SS` prediction on the board.

Gist reading (4-5 minutes) • to practice reading fast and compare their answers

T hands each person the reading handout and asks them to read very fast in 2 minutes so that SS find out if their predictions were the same or different. ICQs: read fast or slowly? alone or with your partner? How many texts? how much time? FB: Peer check and then T checks their comprehension in the class.

scanning the reading (2-4 minutes) • to practice reading fast and compare their answers

the T writes 3 categories on the board, (where to stay, Getting there,Things to see and do). she elicits what their meanings are and tells ss to read the text again and match them under correct categories. FB: peer check and the correct answers will be elicited if necessary.

Reading for details (5-6 minutes) • to practice reading for details to enable them to go for details

T hands the T/F handout and asks each S to read carefully and answers the questions.time set is 7 minutes.after doing the activity and peer checking, T elicits the correct answers. (1: B/2: P/3: B/4: B/5:P/6:P/7:P) and writes the answers on the board.

Freer Practice/ personalisation (7-10 minutes) • to activate ss` knowledge

T regroups the ss based on color coding and gives them the instruction. they have the map of an empty island and plan a perfect weekend by using different places . FB:ss will swap into new groups and report about their decision.

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