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TP 6 - Grammar - Indefinite pronouns
Pre-intermediate level


Ss will learn how to use indefinite pronouns and relate them to people places and things and learn the positive, negative and interrogative forms and the complete each of the exercises involving filling the gap with the missing words, answer true or false questions and and practice fluency with free practice.


Abc Oxford English File Pre-intermediate e-book (Koenig, Oxenden, Lambert) 2019
Abc Self-design
Abc Oxford English File Pre-intermediate workbook (Koenig, Oxenden, Lambert) 2019

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss with indefinite pronouns and when to use them and relate them to people, places and things and to provide practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency when speaking and using indefinite pronouns and free practice
  • Provide inference of a good weekend and a bad weekend and a brief explanation during exposure stage


Warmer/Lead-in - Your perfect weekend (3-4 minutes) • Get the Ss ready to talk by asking them questions with words from the target language. To build rapport with the studnets and learn a little about them and their hobbies and activities

-T will provide a self-designed task and asked Ss questions about what they will do over the weekend - T will ask Ss if they will do something this weekend? - T will ask will you go somewhere and where wll they go? (if not, do you want to go somewhere?) - T will ask if they will bring someone? - T will you buy something?

Exposure (2-4 minutes) • Reading tweets and completing the hashtags with goodweekend and badweekend and determmin whether each tweet is talking about having a good weekend for a bad weekend

1- T will show the slides to the Ss and ask how many of them use twitter 2- T will instruct Ss to read the tweets and then ask whether they had a goodweekend or a badweekend 3- T will have Ss briefly explain why they had a good or bad weekend

Highlighting (2-4 minutes) • Complete the rule with people, places or things so Ss can see the target language for themselves and complete the table on their own

1- T will show Ss the slides for one minute and have them fill in the blanks for each indefinite pronoun individually. Ss will say whether each pronoun matches with people places or things and figure out the rules for target language 2- T will then pair rSs into breakout rooms and have them check each others answers.

Pronunciation (3-5 minutes) • For Ss to practice pronounciation each of indefinite pronoun and correct any mistakes and better understand form from T example sentence

1- T will introduce the word Indefinite pronouns say each word for all indefinite pronouns and Ss will repeat 2- T will focus and correct an mispronunciations from any Ss individually 3-T will put each indefinite pronoun into phrases and sentences and have ss repeat them to better grasp the meaning

Clarification (8-10 minutes) • To clarify form of each indefinite pronoun to the Ss and practice reading and listening as well as form, including positive, negative and interrogative form

1- T will have students read the slides to show an example of how each indefinite pronoun is used 2- T will play the audio file for the Ss to listen 3- T will ask and Ss will determine whether each group indefinite pronoun refer to people, places or things 4- T will elicit wrong answers such as 'can we say somewhere for people? Can we use someone for animals? Can we say I am going someone? Can we say I am buying somewhere? Can we say I will go someone?' And why?

Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To complete the sentences/gaps with the correct indefinite pronoun

1- T will show slide to Ss and instruct them to fill in the missing word. T will give them the first answer and tell them read individually and take a screenshot then they will break into groups/paids to share answers 2- T will instruction check the Ss and ask them, are we looking for the correct word? Are we working in pairs? 3- T will give Ss a minute to read all the questions and take a screenshot 4- T will put Ss in breakroom and let the discuss the items for 2 minute 5- T will check on Ss in breakout rooms 6- T will close breakout rooms and ask each group for the answers. T and correct errors were necessary

Semi-Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • Look at the image and mark the questions containing indefinite pronouns as being True or False (plus optional semi-controlled practice_

1- T will show the slide with the image and questions to the Ss (enlarge slide if necessary) 2- T will instruct the Ss to tell whether each sentence is true or false AND to correct the sentences. T will demonstrate the 1st answer 3- T will ask ICQ such as 'will we say if the sentence is true or false? (yes) Will we correct the sentences if they are false? (yes) 4- Twill ask ss to screenshot the picture and sentences and put them in breakout rooms 5- T will ask follow up/concept check questions such as 'can we say 'there isn't nothing in the water? Can we say no one is dancing? Can we say somebody is playing with the dog?' 6- T will present a second semi-controlled activity only if there is sufficient time

Free Practice (8-10 minutes) • Ss practice answering questions and productive language in break out rooms and then share their answers

1- T will show the slides to Ss and instruct them to answer the questions and model the activity through examples of answers 2- T will instruct the Ss to discuss each of these questions in break out rooms and ask Ss ICQ by saying 'will we all be discussing each question? (yes) How many questions will we be discussing? (4) 3- T will proceed to open breakout rooms for Ss 4- Ss will share their responses for each of the 4 questions on group at a time

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