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Teaching Practice TP 3
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will be introduced language function requiring them to ask for suggestions, giving suggestions and response to these suggestions. These language functions will be introduced through a listening transcript. This means that the besides functions, listening, reading and speaking will be integrated into the lesson plan. The listening will follow the same procedure of pre-listening, while-listening, and post listening. At the end, Ss will have pair and group activities to practice this learned functions. Of course, the lesson will start with an expository pictures for setting the context.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce language functions (making and asking for suggestions) through different stages of listening.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and listening as integrated skills


Lead - in / Introduction • to have general context of the lesson to come.

Teacher will post a picture and say, this is my father's picture. Next week he has his 70th birthday. Could you suggest what present shall we (I) give him on this day. T will write language functions to have just a look and use them, so that Ss get to know about them. The real context will be set in the following activity.

Pre-Listening Stage • to introduce the topic in the context. Before the introduction of listening give them necessary input.

T will open the topic by asking such questions, 'what gifts do you give to the people on the birth days?' they will name the gifts. Then T will say, ' what about giving an experience instead of same camera?'' T will use the expressions. T will introduce a reading passage about giving gifts on the birth days. This paragraph will set the context for the listening to come in the following activity. The language functions will be repeatedly used, stressing their pronunciation.

While - Listening Stage • to look for the details in the listening script and function analysis.

After pre-listening stage, students are quite familiar with the context they have been brought into. they know about the key vocabulary about the topic, they know the functions that are coming in the following script. The first activity is , 'listen and fill in the blanks. This will help them listen and recognize language functions in the listening script. Then they will be asked to mark "T" or "F" .These activities will check their understanding of listening.

Post-Listening Stage • to give them practice of what they have learnt at while-listening stage.

At this stage, students have completed two important activities, listening and language functions. In the following activities, they will practice the language functions. They activities at this stage have been devised to give them chance to practice these functions as in real life situations. They will be monitored that they are using these functions rightly. T will give them. T will put them in group of 3 each. They will get an instructions paper card. Their one friend has a birthday party next week. ss in group sit together and decide what to buy as a gift. They will use these functions. T will monitor the activity making sure that Ss are involved in the activity. The last activity again is Students will be given a Happy Birth Day card and they will draw a picture of a gift and wish him happy birth day. They will chose any friend of them and give them this present as a surprise and wish him / her happy birth day.

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