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Grammar Lesson - Passive
Intermediate level


In this lesson ss learn and practice passive in grammar.The lesson begins with realia as a lead in.This will follow with controlled practice stages.The lesson ends with free practice speaking activity.


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Abc Exercise hand out
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of the passive voice in grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a disccusion in the context of government


Stage 1 ( Lead -in) (2-3 minutes) • Introduce the context of the lesson to the Ss

- Ask the Ss how their weekends were. - Stand infront of the class,drop a pen on the floor,ask the ss what has just happened and tell them to start the sentence with my name. - Write the sentence ss says on the whiteboard. - Ask students to identify the subject and the verb in the sentence.

Stage 2 ( Eliciting ) (7-10 minutes) • Introduce Passive voice

- Will drop my pen on the floor one more time, and I will tell the students what has just happened, but this time I will start the sentence with "The pen......." - Will write on the whiteboard "The pen was dropped on the floor." Studenst will be asked to identify the subject which is "pen" and identify the verb which is "was dropped" then I will point to the fisrt sentence and ask the ss is the subject doing the action ? the same question will be asked for the second sentence. - Ss have to tell me what tense do they see in the first example, then they have to tell me what happens in the second sentence. - I will dive an example with "were". This time will I will drop several pens at the same time,then ask the ss what has happened and ss should start the sentence with "The pens were dropped". They should know that the auxillary verb "to be " is used in past tense "was" with the past participle, in this case "dropped".

Stage 3 ( Practice passives through exercises) (2-3 minutes) • To have the Ss practice passives through exercise that is handed out.

- I will hand out an exercise tp the ss which ss have to identify the given sentences whether they are passive or active. - Ss will be divided in to pairs. - Once done ss will compare their answers with their partners. - Feedback will be done.

stage 4 ( Practicing more on passives ) (6-10 minutes) • Ss will practice more passives

- I will be handing out an exercise to the ss again. - Ss have to change the given sentences frpm passive to active. - Ss will check and compare each others answers. - Feedback will be done.

Stage 5 ( Speaking ) (5-7 minutes) • To provide a task that will allow students to practice speaking skills

- Ss will be asked to brainstorm the types of things government does for the population but ss needs to use passives in the sentences. - Government repairs streets , cleans monuments ect. - Ss will then be asked to discuss their opinions with their partner,and if they agree or disagree on certain things. - Ss will be asked to share what they agree and disagree on with the class.

Stage 6 ( Speaking skills ) (5-10 minutes) • To provide task for the ss to practice accurancy and fluency while speaking

- Ss will be given an hand out where they will fill out the chart on the worksheet by writing one sentence about themselves. - Then ss will be divided into two groups. - Ss will decide if they are A,B,C,D and write their names next to it. - Ss will pick a slip from an envelope given by the teacher, eg. If the ss picks C11 then ss C reads out his / her sentence number 11 , the other ss then will follow and contribute with their own experince.

Stage 7 ( Wrap up ) (1-2 minutes) • To discuss the lesson

- Will ask the ss if there is anything that they didnt undertstand during the lesson.

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